Friday afternoon



Cody and I reunite. We have been friends for a long time, through some seriously bad times. Like the time he rocked a crazy shag haircut. Like the time I cut off all my hair and gender bended. Like when I thought I looked good in floor length silk skirts and giant scarves. Like the times when we had braces or were just getting them off and life seemed terrifying (maybe that hasn’t changed much).

We go to the park. Cody’s blanket is perfect. He turns on classical music and we lay in the shade and say nothing. There is nothing that needs to be said- we are alive and it is summer and our minds are buzzing but words don’t feel necessary. I doze, facing the sky, my dress fluttering in the little breezes that flutter the canopy above us.

“We need coffee”. An astute assessment by my handsome friend, we depart soaked in good vibes and head to town. I pay a ludicrous amount for a pathetic iced coffee and am quickly realizing that maybe coffee isn’t what I needed.

“Let’s get a burger. Let’s split it. Let’s get a burger and some beer!”

Finishing our coffee, we split the Cowboy Bob and sip IPA’s while people watching from the window seat.  I photograph our food and all around us.

Cody lets me photograph him in odd ways or at moments that don’t seem right. I love capturing his energy. It’s tilted and lilted and off kilter but perfectly tuned at the same time. He has these long, poetic fingers that I want to weave spiderwebs in between for no reason. He dresses in pastels better than I do and even though we only spent an afternoon together it was a seriously glorious one.


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