001_24A 003_22A 004_21A 018_7A (2) 019_6A (2) 020_5A (2) 022_3A (2) 023_2A (2)We went garage sale-ing.

And I wanted to cry. It was so sad. It was hot, people were selling sad things, and I felt bad that it was Chris’s first time out and about in the world of yard sales. While riding a stationary bicycle, though, he made a friend: a ladybug, which he promptly shook back onto the grass. Then we continued our dismal search for nothing.

We gave up. It was too damn hot. We got a beer and pondered food choices. Sushi was decided on. We finished our beers and walked to the best bar in town. We played pool. Er…let me correct myself. He played pool. I held the cue and messed around and made a mess. I am bad. To say bad is being diplomatic. I’m horrendous. At one point I said, “You know what? I can only get better!” I had a couple good strokes but they were rare blessings, more luck than skill. Damn Chris, he knew what he was doing. I made a fool of myself. We drove to sushi and let our creative sushi chef go crazy after my failure. The results were delicious! Gahhh I think I could die after a meal like that. We’re repeating this soon!



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