Topsy turvy curves of life and changes

Fall is officially here. It even snowed a bit- Montana can be so dramatic sometimes. One weekend it’s shorts and sunscreen and the next you’ve got on wool socks and the space heater nearby.

I finally got my film developed, 3 glorious rolls. Some from mid-August forward, almost a month and a half of adventures!

Included is an evening where grouse hunting failed and a sunset was witnessed from a ridge and we ran through a lightning storm and afterwards ate pizza. Another is a pie I ate alone in a small Montana town after I got lost (which seems like it couldn’t happen but did to me). The pie itself was heavenly, the space was quaint and lace-trimmed, and I read a National Geographic from the 1980’s while I consumed the delicious peach-honey pie. A morning hike solo on the first morning of fall is included as well- it was a beautiful morning that I won’t forget for a long time. I took Chris to the Cateye because I have had lovely experiences there but this time it was so sad. My pie was a dry and rather pathetic thing and although Chris got a huge plate of food it wasn’t really that wondrous. Another night bowling happened and I wore a skirt and knee high socks and did a horrible job and laughed a lot.

Not pictured are dinners made with Kristin and Emily, study sessions in coffee houses, the dullness of work, the lovely cloud movements that hang around the mountains, and the other infinite number of moments where I wish I’d lugged around my camera.




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