Still even

007_17 008_16 012_12 015_9 017_7 019_5

I took these in February 2013. It was the worst winter of my life. I was lonely and waiting for something that was crazy to wait for- I should have continued life but I attempted to hibernate as best as any human could. I learned my lesson, though.

Even though I was miserable and almost every morning I wanted to cry and even though everything was faded I look back at these photographs with something that I love.

This is how my room still looks. I love that it has stayed this way. That I was able to make a photographic series of my space and the surety it gives me. My bed is mine. my window display still has that cactus and aloe plant (the pointier one hasn’t died but merely moved), the lace on my dresser is still there.

My environment.


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