The Cape: A look back

In about a month I’m heading back to Cape Cod for a glorious week. I’m stopping off in Boston for two days to see Exa, and then I’m off on the ferry for some good old adventure in a beautiful place!

People think Cape Cod and think polos, boats, gin, beaches, stripes and polka-dots, old money, nice cars, proper WASP breeding.

I think when my family arrives we sort of are the antithesis of this. We get a rental car at Logan, dress in whatever we bring from Montana, and show up to our little bungalow with questionable electric wiring. The yard is covered in pine needles. There’s not a dishwasher or a dryer so we hang out clothes in the backyard, where it takes over 24 hours for things to dry because of how humid it is.

We take outdoor showers at night while moths crowd the porch light. Soft moss grows in the patio cracks. The beach is a short walk away and sand is in the cracks in the house. The first time you slip into bed the sheets almost feel damp and you think, “I’m back.” It’s very different from Montana. People aren’t as friendly or open. The smells are all different- salt, sand, and greenery all inhabit your nostrils. Rain patters at night, and the mornings are chilled.

I like going in May when people haven’t arrived yet, when the beaches aren’t crowded, and when the baby plovers run in and out of the beach scrub early in the morning.


4 thoughts on “The Cape: A look back

  1. FUN!!! I’m going in June, so if you do anything especially fun, please blog about it! πŸ™‚ I’m open to any ideas as to what my hubby and I can do while we’re there! πŸ™‚

    • The Cape itself is pretty big, but I love going to Provincetown. It’s a really old whaling village at the tip of the Cape but now it’s one of the best places to eat, drink, and go out in the Cape! Patio is a great restaurant to eat at in Provincetown.

      There’s a glorious old fashioned drive in theatre in Wellfleet I’d definitely look into!

      If you’re into lavender and you’re going in mid-late June, you might go to the lavender farm in Harwich! I bought lavender essential oil and I love it. You can walk around and it smells amazing.

      Honestly if you’re going to do the Cape right, get up early and walk on the beach before people are awake. Bike around wherever you are if you can. The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a fantastic way to see the Cape- you bike off the road on a gorgeous 22 mile trail, and there are lakes to swim in, little roadside stands to eat from, etc.

      Arnold’s in Eastham is one of the best places to eat on the Cape in my opinion!

      I hope that helps!

      • YAY thank you SO much for the idea’s!!!!!! I’ve been to the drive-in before (as I went to the Cape for my first time 2 years ago and I LOVE Drive-in movie theaters)! So I’ll probably do the drive-in again this time around, if possible. But I’ll be sure to try and check out the other suggestions!!! The lavender farm sounds so lovely, as does – well – all the other ideas! Thank YOU!

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