Current status of things.

I am going to try and make a serious effort to get back to regular blogging!

My life has been very much all about working. Then sometimes I have a good beer after work with friends, or take a walk, or go to a cafe for some decent internet. Then I sleep and wake up very early and repeat the cycle.

This weekend I spent a lot of time walking, reading in the sun, having tea and coffee in familiar spaces, and seeing my beautiful sister for a few short hours. She and I are trying to plan a little jaunt over to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland, and Iceland for a few weeks after she finishes university and so at work I will admit sometimes I am on Kayak looking up fares!

I really have to start saving every dollar I can at this point because I think I’ll need a  decent amount of money to invest in a trip like this. My sister has never been abroad and I really want to show her the beautiful countries I went through and the beauty of travel.

Above are two beautiful hand colored photographs from the Dextra Photo Archive from Norway, collected by a photographer named Arne Knudsen. Click through to see the set on Flickr! I am feeling like I want to be somewhere cold and Northern lately.


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