Because of reasons

Seeing as this is my blog and I have the wondrous freedom of doing whatever I please, I am posting pictures of my face, knees, and hair that needs to be washed.

I got to work this morning and my coworkers were disgusted that I even showed up because of my plague. So I was sent home. But I made sure I got my timesheet in first, because money is the most important thing right now.

Instead of going home I went to the gym where I did the most pathetic workout. I hacked through most of it. I almost fell asleep on a yoga mat stretching. Then I went and bought some unnecessary make up that I definitely didn’t need and then finally went home. It felt good to drive through an environment that matched me today- grey, white, blue, and looking a bit crummy.

Random fact: If you ever move to Montana Montanans are the worst drivers. I like to think that I’m exempted, but they are the worst. Montanans take their sweet time, are way too polite and let everybody in their lane, and nobody seems to understand what the hell a blinker is for. Also merging onto the highway seems to be a lost art form that is nobody remembers learning. We have a lot of old folks so good luck not getting stuck behind a granny who can’t see over the dashboard of her enormous new truck.


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