Little moments

Life has been odd lately. Odd is a vague word that doesn’t even begin to describe things but I’ll leave it.

Yesterday I went on a hike. It was crisp outside and cloudy, and walking along the trail was interesting. My hiking partner walked slowly compared to my usually quick pace, and I had time to appreciate my surroundings  a bit more.

The top of the mountain was chilly and windy. My hands became stiff and cold but the view was incredible and my hair whipped around my face. The wind was blowing clouds full of snow everywhere, and watching them move all over the valley and in the surrounding mountains was really wonderful. I don’t usually sit on the top of the mountain after I hike it. At one point large fluffy flakes were falling all around us and my hair was full of snow and I wish I’d gotten a picture because I imagine it looked pretty neat, with my curls full of snowflakes.

I’ve finished all my applications for graduate school. Now the waiting begins. I don’t know what to do now, besides write thank you letters to all my wonderful professors who helped me out.

Work has been hellish. I’ve cried and stressed myself out so much about it but I’m trying to rectify my situation and make it so that I don’t despise waking up. I literally don’t want to go to sleep because that means I have to admit I’ll wake up and go to work. That’s not healthy and I know that- I don’t think that I was sick for over 4 weeks just simply because of a little infection. I think that work has made me stressed out to the point that I literally couldn’t handle a standard sinus infection.

Anyway, I’m just trying to make it a day at a time. Wish me luck all! I’m sure that soon I’ll have a more positive tone to things.



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