Hawthorn Bottle Shop & Tasting Room

Helena finally got a worthy place to take all my money!

The Hawthorn is just what we all needed here. They serve wine, have cheese boards, and the interior is dim but not overly so. They have some really interesting beers on tap, and this place in general exudes a vibe that says casual cool.

The tables are a bit odd, as some are just blocks of wood and  you have to be pretty petite to squeeze around them, but so far I haven’t cared. Nor have I yet knocked a glass off of a table, although that is inevitable. So far they’re off to a great start and I’m so glad a place like this exists. While they don’t have a glass of wine that’s under $5, what you get in return is the right atmosphere.

They’ve done a beautiful job creating lovely nooks and crannies to sit in, and have an awesome community table in the center of things that you can reserve for events/gatherings. Everybody that works there has been very friendly and is more than happy to help you try something new. Whether you’re seated at the bar, at a counter, or nestled around a table, you’re going to enjoy it.

I haven’t eaten enough of their food to have any feedback about it, but the wine itself is wonderful. This place is so energetic and feels really well thought out, and that consideration comes through in the decor, the insulated ceiling so that noise doesn’t bounce around, and the way the space is arranged. Plus, they immediately provide you with a wonderful bottle of water to share so nobody has to ask.

I will be back!


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