In the midst of it all

This week was a good sort of interesting.

I drove to Missoula, Montana, for a conference/seminar/training opportunity, and got to meet Audrey Nelson, PhD. She’s a powerhouse of a woman, and teaches communication and gender to all sorts of high-ranking companies. I loved learning from her and I admired how well she spoke and got her points across while listening to our questions and working with everybody.

This weekend I checked out far too many books from the library, drank a lot of caffeine in various cafes, and had good conversations with people I’m lucky to consider my friends. I went out and had a blast with Ella, and wore my calf-length camel colored wool jacket that makes me feel like I belong in a film noir.

Today I am doing my taxes and procrastinating but excited to get a bit of money back.

I hope your spring has thus far been beautiful, April is a month full of hope for many, and I am no exception. Every week I am closer to leaving and being done with my horrible work situation, and one step closer to better things! Silver linings, silver linings.


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