Detta and the 45’s: Opportunity and awesomeness

Before I fully delve into my trip I must first backtrack a bit.

I invested in a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens for my Canon camera, because a) I don’t need a zoom a lot and b) the depth of field that the f/1.4 offers is downright slick. (SO MUCH LIGHT.)

One of the best opportunities for me to test the lens came when I got to photograph Mary’s band, Detta and the 45’s, in a dim, poorly lit space. I wasn’t necessarily stoked about taking my sleek new camera and lens to a bar for a music show, but put it all in a sturdy case and went, because why the hell did I buy the damn thing if I wasn’t going to use it?

While I had some issues with focusing and as a result these images aren’t absolutely stellar, I had a great time making images for these folks to have. Thanks Detta for livening things up a bit and for making some awesome sounds, you lovely musical creatures!


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