Mourning for the possibilities

valentino_hautecouture2014 botticelli_birthofvenuswithoutvenus morris_graves_bird_singinginthemoonlight

headlesscouple furnituretogettoknowyoubetter

summer sobs s1_e1_roadhouse bosch_back_of_triptych

My mind is too restless, so I feed it books and swim laps at the pool and tend to gardens, hoping to quiet it for a moment.

I’m in the midst of reading the Dark Tower series and it’s like my mind is a thinny- omnipresent, noisy, slowly overwhelming everything.

Image credit/sources (sorry for the unknown ones, I hate not giving credit where credit is due): Valentino Haute Couture 2014/Unknown/Morris Graves- Bird Singing in the Moonlight/Unknown/Unknown/Unknown/Unknown/Twin Peaks/The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 16th century Gothic Arch/Unknown/Front panels of Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights triptych


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