Once again I found myself up at 6 am, no feeling particularly sleepy, and grabbing my digital camera (I’ve got 4 rolls of film being developed, I get them Wednesday and am so excited!)

By 7 I was almost to the large park here in Victoria, when I heard a ruckus in the trees above me. I figured it was a few squirrels, and then to my extreme surprise two hawks fell out of the trees onto the ground! They were screeching and making horrible noises as they fought one another. I had my camera out and on already, and my lens cap was off (thank goodness) so I was able to get a few photos of their tussle. It was incredible being so close to them. Within about 15-20 seconds they separated and flew off, both fine, but without quite as many feathers as they had when they woke up.

Nature is incredible. I am so glad I just happened to be in this park at this time on this day- I’ve never seen anything like it and likely won’t ever again.


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