More meandering

It’s at either the beginning or the end of the day that I find the most contentment in walking around Victoria. People are nestled in their homes, either not ready to venture out into the world, intimidating as it is, or they are back home, after a day out and about.

I’ve found two awesome Gothic Revival churches, but I’ve walked by them during Mass both times, so haven’t ventured in yet. Gothic Revival is appropriately ridiculous but gorgeous all the same. I love pointed arches- they are hopeful, somehow. Gothic architecture was originally created in the medieval period to create shining, light filled spaces that were euphoric and very connected with God, and although I am not religious in that way, the psychology of Gothic architecture does have a piece of my heart. The buildings are so comforting to me.

The mornings have been chillier. I’ve been able to wear my outlandish, woolly Icelandic sweater, and accompanying woolly scarves, and have been pleasantly surprised by how damn warm they are. Classes are stressful, terrifying, but liberating. I am smarter than I think (I hope). Tomorrow is the day I go fetch 4 beautiful rolls of uncut negatives from Prism Imaging- 1 color, 3 black and white. I cannot wait- the tangibility of negatives, cutting them, pressing them gently into the scanner, are all deliberate actions in the part of making an image into a reality that I love. Even if I haven’t developed my own in a few years, I still find film entrancing in a way an SD card cannot be.

If I work hard enough today and get things done ahead of schedule, I could very well spend tomorrow evening with the lovely hum of my scanner and a glass of wine, and to me that seems like the best darn thing ever. So, I must be off so I can finish ALL THE THINGS…or at least, enough of them.


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