Autumnal Angst

freaks_and_geeks toby_yes whendarkcomes velvetsoul celene_bridge_painting everydaybatman candle_creepy_vibes witchesdarlingedvard_munch_seperation

Painting by Celene Bridge and etching by Edvard Munch, respectively.

Black sweaters, black pants, black boots, black coffee, black black blackblack. I’m on the hunt for the perfect black dress, no luck so far. It will happen.

Procrastinating way too much, getting dizzy spells, feeling tired quite a bit. Feeling uninspired yet excited. I need to eat more protein and stay on task with things. I need to send mail and sweep my apartment more and email people back. I need to improve at being human.

But for now I’ll just keep wearing dark colors and sit in this odd velvet chair and listen to the rain.


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