A long way to go

Writing, procrastinating, writing, walking, writing, eating, writing, sleeping, writing some more. Collecting the tiniest pieces of sea glass from the beach. Eating buttery croissants with black coffee in Chinatown, wandering down Fan Tan Alley on grey days and stretching my arms out so I can touch either side, taking the bus all over and people watching. Losing my debit card and having the friendly bank teller replace it while exclaiming that my Montana drivers license has bears on it, which yes I do find pretty neat.

I apologize for not writing more. My mind is so scatterbrained- I can hardly focus on any one thing. Friday the 13th I board a 3 hour ferry to Seattle to join up with friends for a concert, and along the way probably eat some damn fine sushi, see some art, and avoid doing anything truly practical for school. It is supposed to rain quite a bit, but this is the PNW, so I expect nothing else.

Currently obsessed with listening to Noisli which allows me to customize background noise so I can work. Crackling fire + light rain + slight windy noises = my favorite so far! Also perusing this amazing Finnish creator’s blog, Via Liivia, as she posts calming images that for me make me want to nap in an old wooden house and open books I haven’t in some time.


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