Cultured creatures


These two veritable giants joined me at the Seattle Art Museum this weekend before we got ready for our concert. I kept looking up at their faces to see what they thought of the paintings. I didn’t want to pry and ask. We milled about, sometimes together, other times spread out around the galleries. I love watching people have a relationship with art as much as I love the art so I watched an old man lean in close to a Sisley painting and lean back out. I hoped that he liked the trees as much as I did. Sisley does the best damn trees.

Both Logan and Mary fell in love with Renoirs that were side by side. I stuck by my painting of butter, but once Mary pointed out how gorgeous the skin tones on the Renoir portrait of a young girl were, I couldn’t stop looking as well. The Renoir Logan was fascinated by had the most incredible layers of oil creating a garden which at times seemed more like fireworks or a kaleidoscope that I’d look through as a child.

I also loved the Dutch Baroque still lifes and as we approach them I thought about the best line in all of Disney history: If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it (said by the clock in Beauty and the Beast) and wanted to laugh out loud.

A good few hours in a place full of fantastic art with some not-too-awful people was much needed. Museums replenish my soul in a way I am bad at articulating but even more so with good company.


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