The Motherland AHOY


Realizing I lost my most oft-worn pair of pants today made me realize: Oh, shit. I need to find those before Saturday.

Because, Saturday I shall hop on a plane for 20 minutes, descend into Seattle, then make it home that afternoon. And it would be really nice if I could do so with my favorite pair of pants in tow or on my person.


My first semester of grad school has been…interesting. I can’t say I’m thrilled with it all, but it’s definitely been a change. Victoria is a gorgeous city and I love living here, but I feel disconnected from what I’m doing.

Regardless, a week from now I shall be making sure I have my passport ready and getting stoked to see the best familiar faces of my famiglia and friends. I get to hold my old dog Cooper and cuddle with our other dog, Kitty, and sleep in a bed complete with the comfiest mattress topper that doesn’t squeak constantly and not be chilled to the bone all the time.

I’ll get to hate my old car and re-adjusting to Fahrenheit and how dark it is all the time. I’ll get good bagels (sorry Victorians, y’all can’t make a bagel) and sip dollar coffee at the Parrot and see some gigs at local bars and feel situated again.

Can’t wait. Home feels like a big warm hug. I just have to grade 20 papers, present a final topic, and turn in 2 final papers and then I’m good to go. Send me victory vibes, because I’ll need them!

These pictures are from 2010/2011 when I was home on break from Switzerland. I remember traveling for 24+ hours and arriving home feeling like I had left my soul somewhere over the Atlantic. I remember how comforting it was to hear English all the time again and how awful the first week was due to jet lag, but how grateful I was to eat cereal again, sleep in my bed, and be able to drive.

Did I mention driving? Super stoked to have control over my own transportation again. It is super convenient to take the bus but I miss my sturdy-ish piece of crap car. Frank, you have yet to completely fail me, and I can’t wait to fill you up with gas and take a slick, icy drive around town.




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