First semester of grad school: FIN


It’s Thursday evening, pouring rain outside. It started getting dark at 2 pm. I sat with classmates and quietly thought about the last few months.

This last year has been hell on Earth and heaven simultaneously. The last few months have been as well. From being curled up in a chair quietly sobbing to taking liberating night walks, moving to this island and starting over has been quite an adventure! I think I’ll be able to better reflect once my plane hits Montana tarmac on Saturday. I cannot wait- I’ve been staring at my passport, and my fingers itch. My diet of caffeine and panic haven’t sustained my soul but when I see the mountains as I fly in I’ll feel renewed. Lots of hugs to give and receive, a warm bathtub to lie in, a dryer that functions, and a comfy bed- Saturday, come faster please!


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