New Year’s Eve with Detta and the 45’s


My friends make music and occasionally they do so in public. When they do, I bring a camera and document.

It’s hard to make words. I’m headed back to Victoria and missing them all already. My flight’s been delayed and I am trying to start on reading for school, but blogging seems to lift my spirits more.

Friends and family all gathered at the bar to watch these guys play. Everybody was excited, and for some reason it seemed that every girl was wearing lipstick, which I loved. We were all in a good mood, and I was hopeful that the camera’s battery would last long enough for me to photograph my friends well (in the end I made a total of 693 photographs- good job, Canon!).

My beautiful friends played with an energy that enveloped their loved ones. We watched them smile and jam and have fun and fed on that energy. It was almost a new year, and ending 2015 with people you truly care about is always worthwhile.


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