Still lifes made while home.


Here are still lifes from mornings, afternoons, evenings, and all times in between.

I don’t know if it’s the Dutch or the art history student in me, but making still lifes is calming, and photographing them more so. I also occasionally make still life images rather than photographing the people I’m with, especially if I’m not feeling bold enough to raise the lens. Instead, I photograph these places almost like crime scenes- as evidence in a way. Somebody accompanied me somewhere and we did something – eat a diner, drink coffee, sip tea, eat bagels, etc.

I’m currently back in Victoria, sipping on peppermint tea and coughing up a lung or two. I started getting sick on my flight home last Sunday, and now I’ve got a nicely nestled chest cough that insists on accompanying me everywhere I go. David Bowie’s newest album came out today, and the hum of my negative scanner paired with his eerie voice is oddly relaxing and keeping my feelings of general awfulness at bay.

Being back in Canada has been busy. Hannah, a dear dear part of my heart, came and stayed with me for three days. Now I’m back to being very, very alone. I’m cleaning and re-arranging my furniture in my tiny apartment and making decorations with origami cranes and living off of yogurt, juice, and tea. Classes will be tough this semester but if I can keep myself on top of things I think everything will line up well.

Time to edit some film, use the tiny little vacuum I purchased (fie upon ye, dust bunnies!), and begin re-decorating to make this space the space for success I need for 2016.



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