Scrambling onward


Another blessedly cloudy day.
I spent some of it quite nervous. I meandered down a steep staircase to the beach and saw somebody dart along the rocks with ease. I hadn’t ever really walked on the rocks that border the strait before, and decided to give it a go. How hard can it be?

Turns out, in some places it was quite steep, slick, and nerve-wracking. It didn’t help I was toting around my camera and heavy bag with lenses in it. Several times I thought I should turn back but the man I’d seen hadn’t turned around, so why should I? (Because you have terrible, injury-riddled ankles. Because you have no sense of balance. Because you are accident prone.)

Eventually I decided to just sit on some of the jutting rocks and watch the strait. Sea ducks dove and paddled in front of me, and massive tankers quietly made their way in the distance. A good beginning to a Saturday.




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