Seattle backwards in 36 hours.


I hadn’t seen Exa in over 2 years, and I hadn’t seen Shelby in close to 5. So, when Exa bought tickets to be in Seattle for a few days, we decided to meet up.

The first night I got there, it was past 10 pm- I had been in transit since 2:30 (my ferry had been cancelled so instead I took a multi-step transport plan involving busses and alternate ferries). Exa and I went down the street to the Upstairs Bar in Belltown to have a drink- two strong Manhattans were ordered. We chatted for what felt like hours, but I felt myself slowly disintegrating- sleep was in order!

The next morning Exa and I walked to Pike Place Market to do the tourist-y things. Exa hadn’t been in Seattle since she was a little youth. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm- I could feel the sun warm the hair on my head, and the air near any large body of water just feels so good. After a bit Shelby arrived- I hadn’t seen this gorgeous creature since we both were living in Switzerland, and so to see her gorgeous clear blue eyes and epic smile felt so good.We drank ginger beer, consumed dim sum, walked all over the streets, and caught up on our lives. It was wonderful to be around these two souls who I met when I was so young and confused. Something about friendships formed when you’re in new places can’t decay, even if it’s been a long time.

We ended the day at a restaurant talking effortlessly after hours of already wonderful words. It is an incredible thing to have friends who are intelligent and can just talk for hours about everything- I love listening and taking part in such antics. If you ask me, good conversation is an organic creation that must be respected and appreciated. People are so interesting and unique and interacting with them is like nothing else. To be sitting in a dim restaurant drinking gin while we discussed goals, plans, challenges, potentials, and all other things, was to feel whole.

Unfortunately, after only one full day, I had to catch my ferry the next morning. Ending the night on the street, bidding Shelby goodbye as Exa and I returned to our hostel, I felt so at peace. The world is small, wonderfully so- you can and do reunite with the good ones.


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