Water dogs & walruses



Getting on the bus to pick up my adventure companion from the airport, I was so excited. It was raining a bit, I had been working all week so that the weekend could be spent outside without worrying about school, and the tallest human I know was in the air over my head somewhere, armed with a shiny visa. Yes. Seeing him walk out the doors, I couldn’t stop smiling. For the next three days, I had the opportunity to show this partner in crime my Canadian home.

This weekend we walked so…darn…much. I keep a pedometer on my phone and every day we walked at least 10 miles (which accounts for us looking so tired in photos, ha!). The cherry and plum blossoms were out, crocuses nestled in rock gardens, and the temperamental weather of a Pacific Northwest spring meant that one moment it was raining, the next it was sunny, and the next it was windy- or some ridiculous cocktail of all three. We braved outside with gusto. One morning we were just like lizards, soaking up sun sitting on driftwood, listening to the waves on the rocky beach.

Something awesome about having somebody visit is that your city or town feels more interesting, and more worthwhile. You take this person to the best places and show them your habitat, and you want to make it seem as awesome as possible. We ate pho, sushi, and delicious baked goods. Conversations about anything and everything were created, like quilts with patches added on as we discussed new things. The Royal BC Museum had a wicked photography exhibit up so we went to that and gazed at animals and landscapes. I took Logan to the Bard & Banker, a gorgeous building that used to be a bank, full of leather booths and tall tables and people. Coffee in Chinatown, looking at the blossoms in the totem pole garden, walking on the beach, seeing seals at Fisherman’s Wharf. It was definitely a weekend of doing- of going places, visually devouring sights, talking, finding places to eat, rarely being still. Victoria is a city so full of things that when Tuesday morning came and it was time to take my adventure companion to the airport I felt like he had barely seen anything. Regardless, I think it’s fair to say that we had a blast.


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