A list of the good things.


  1. I changed light bulbs myself after moving my bed because it was the only thing tall enough for me to reach my ceiling. My apartment is now bright and conducive for work.
  2. Arabelle Sicardi’s Twitter
  3. Talking to your sister for 2 hours in one day about nothing and everything.
  4. A decent white noise machine that makes your apartment sound like rolling thunder.
  5. Falling asleep after a good chat with somebody.
  6. John Oliver’s imitation of Lindsay Graham’s Southern accent on Last Week Tonight.
  7. Learning about badass women around the world like Eva Peron and Clarice Lispector. (I started reading Agua Viva this week and fell into her world of femininity and darkness and never wanted to re-emerge to humanity. She writes with a fluidity that seems to defy all logic.)
  8. Knowing I’ll see my Mum soon.
  9. Talking and thinking about photograph projects you want to do.
  10. Getting adorable pictures of your parents on vacation together after you know your mum probably had to coax your dad to do it.
  11. Drinking tea when it’s just the right temperature.
  12. Getting stoked to see Savages play in May in Minneapolis.
  13. pollen_bb.jpgTHIS POLLEN COVERED BAT. How could you NOT smile at this adorable little flying mammal doing such good things for the planet?



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