Botticelli and thoughts on what’s to come


I’ve had this blog for years…and years…and years. As my friend Cody said, “How does it feel to have your blog be one of your longest relationships?” Thanks dude. It’s awesome. 

In all reality, this blog has been feeling stagnant for a long time. I used to review movies, discuss feminism, talk about art, and generally put up good content! What happened?! Um, my life. Grad school. My love of photography but inability to sit down and create good text.

I’ve been considering taking this blog in several new directions. If you have any feedback leave it here! (I expect the internet version of crickets, but you never know).

-I want to interview people I find interesting, whether they be business owners, friends, academics, artists, or people who just have a certain angle to them that I think is worthwhile. I would like to photograph them and post a bit about their stories and start showcasing humans other than myself and my small, close circle of friends and loved ones.

-I would genuinely like to start posting more food/culture pieces. . I would like to get more into discussing films, art pieces, shows, etc. and other little artistic corners of the earth I love.

-Discuss the realities of grad school, being a woman, etc.- more topical pieces, less a vague visual diary!

Honestly, when you have a blog that’s been around for so long, you’re bound to get frustrated with the content, with the style, etc. but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I want to feel like this is a place for fresh content and good conversation.

We shall see! I need to seriously focus on my thesis but I feel like right now I am surrounded by so many interesting creatures I want to explore and know more about them and share their awesomeness with readers!


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