49847872071_bede096525_bYou’ve stumbled (or fallen) or in one way or another made it to my blog. I used to call photographers photographists, hence the URL. I like to think that this blog is bit of a curated collection of little things in a virtual cabinet of wonders.

I’m Kate, a historian and photographer with an affinity for museums and things dead people created. After living in Lugano, Switzerland for two years studying art history for my undergrad, I’ve been lucky enough to explore the world, from Turkey to Iceland to Brazil, and I am infected permanently with that illness called wanderlust. Enthusiasm and creativity are laced with my love of constant discovery (this leads me to just keep getting more degrees, unfortunately). I’m currently living on Vancouver Island, but Montana is and always will be my home.

Here I write about topics I find delightful, including cooking, film photography, cameras, fashion, hiking, art history, feminism, coffee, travelling, or whatever else strikes my fancy!

When I’m not looking for work, (hire me! I write, edit, photograph, and research!) I attempt to teach myself languages (I currently speak Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese), research medical history/fashion, watch Humphrey Bogart films, nature documentaries, and anything with Barbara Stanwyck, crochet, drool over Gothic architecture, photograph my life, bake pies, and devour books as though they were meals.

I’m always ready for a new adventure or challenge, and I come armed with a camera or two (or three!).

Got questions/preguntas/domande? Comments? Want to work on something together? Drop me a line at kate (dot) vangen @ gmail (dot) com or find me on Instagram! TschΓΌss/ciao!



19 thoughts on “About/Hello!

  1. I like your comment that you “devour books as though they were meals”. I do too! They are so yummy! If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow that phrase for a future post on my blog–I’ll give you credit and give a link!


  2. Hey, I put your pretty little corner of the blogosphere on my blogroll! Congratulations, and thanks for being an extraordinary blogger!

  3. I love your blog. The pictures are fantastic and your blog has a little bit of everything in it, you never miss a thing.

  4. So glad to have come across your blog! I’ve always wanted to go to Montana and am planning a trip for my birthday this September — perhaps I can grab some tips from ya!

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