Reflections on the awesomeness of velvet.

I acquired a velvet dress at a local thrift shop for $3, and hemmed it terribly, and have promptly become deeply infatuated with this lovely article of clothing. It is blue and purple velvet, and seriously, I think I have velvet fever. Velvet tights are the next thing on my dream clothing list, and I can’t stop wearing it. I love how it changes color and how it hangs on my body. It’s not tight, it’s loose and perfect, and honestly the 90’s need to make a come back so I can find more dresses with qualities like it.


Paul Rule Photographic Archive

Alright, so Flickr being the treasure trove it was delivered: a multi-generational, globe trotting family, slowly being revealed in wonderful old Kodachrome slides scanned onto Flickr.

I’d like to give you a taste of the amazingness that is this photographic archive!

You can find all these photographs by clicking through to the Flickr set. I’ll probably add up more of these to this blog, I find them fascinating and inspiring.