One autumn

Can a person be an adventure?

I think so. I had a lovely, if short, adventure with a creature that was unlike any I’d ever met. I had quite a blast. I made some really good photographs that season, I think because finding out things about somebody else and being with them can be a really incredible experience and tinge other parts of your life. It was odd and sometimes sad and others completely euphoric.

I took a lot of my photographs on weekends when I wasn’t with the adventure, and others walking to go see the adventure. I would take my time and find weird ways to get to his house because to get there I had to pass by some really beautiful architecture and the lighting was always different. Montana in the fall can be the most beautiful place in the world.

35mm nostalgic goodness

When I got my Epson V700 scanner I was finally able to digitize all the negatives from my photography class my junior year of college- and I found some wicked frames that I had never even tried to make prints of in the darkroom.

So, here they are. I don’t have much to say other than the general vibe here was lonely woods girl ish? I don’t know, this was 2 years ago and I don’t remember exactly what I was going for. But these resulted and I love them all.

I’m still waiting for my film to arrive (Emily if you read this please get it in the mail) but when it does I’ll have more recent escapades available to view.

Have a great long weekend all! Enjoy yourselves and make pictures!


Year in photos: 2014

Even though I didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked to, I think I still had some decent shots.

Some are in Los Angeles, others home in Montana. A few are from our annual trip to the Cape haus, and some are from Austin, Texas. Overall these highlight the better parts of the year. The bad parts, luckily, weren’t photographed so they’ll fade fast.

What spring elsewhere looks like.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s raining outside my window. I didn’t sleep the night before- wine, Moonrise Kingdom, chess, backgammon, and a walk in the dark ended up being valuable ways to spend time.

Lugano, my city (citta in Italiano) welcomes spring with such fanfare, by now the flowers have been planted in the Parco Civico (the Swiss bring in pre-bloomed flowers to maximize visual pleasure- who wants to watch buds?), the swans are hungrily attacking whatever people toss at them, and the gelato stands might even be up. (Oh, man- I could really use some good nocciolo gelato!)

One morning in spring Hannah and I took the FLP train to the nearby town of Ponte Tresa, me using only Swiss change I had accrued in a bag. That was a good day.

Now to collapse dramatically in my lovely bed.

Northern California

01640007 01640009 01640017 01660002 01660012 01660023 01660024 01680006 01680009

01680015A long, beautiful drive down the coast ended in Eureka, a town that felt a bit faded and prideful. Arcata was nearby, where we would be leaving Emily for her first semester of college at Humboldt.

We ate Thai and Chinese food, amazed at the greenery everywhere, and I fell in love with the patterns in the slightly run-down hotel we stayed in. My hair grew to huge proportions as a result of the omnipresent humidity, and we picked raspberries out of bushes by the ocean.

I miss it, even though we were there for only 3 or 4 days. Northern California was beautiful, if daunting. I loved the rolling landscape, the peeks one got at the ocean while driving on the windy roads. The somewhat collaged feel of the place, like it was all piled upon itself with no relevance to order.


Miei amici

08440019 08520012 08980011 09080016 09140018 09180003 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA luganofun 08240007 09040009 sansalvatoreandzurich 023


These lovely souls I haven’t seen for almost two years, but they’re all beloved friends that are being badasses outside of my world but nonetheless still being pretty wicked wenches.

From drinking Thai beer on wood floors to riding late night trains, eating Kinder Buenos and Chinese food in Zurich, to exploring such amazing places as Palermo, Krakow, Madrid, Istanbul, and Paris, these are the people that made it possible to do so with as much adventure as possible.

Many of these dears are graduating undergrad this semester, and although I’ve got another winter semester to go, I’m really hoping that sometime in the next year or two we can reunite through some weird force in the universe. The thing about going to a tiny little English speaking school in the weird Italian speaking part of German-speaking Switzerland is that you realize how minuscule the world is. You meet people, spend time, part, then reunite, find each other again, and the lapse in time in between becomes almost instantaneously erased.

I think in general remarkable people find fellow remarkable people and keep them in their minds until they can make it possible to see one another again. Although I am so bad at missing people, and so bad at coping, the fact that I know, that I have almost no doubt, that someday I’ll see the wondrous people I love and care about sooner or later…well, it’s very comforting, to say the least.

Montana, I love you, but this is ridiculous (I want greenery)!

02480002 018515-R1-04-21 - Copy 018512-R1-19-6 - Copy 018512-R1-03-22 - Copy 02500016 02500009 06950002 06950014 02500004While ice lingers on the INSIDE of my windows, creating a chill that resonates in my bones, I think about things that make me happy: Being outside.

I may wear SPF 70 and fall a lot, but I love being outdoors. I’ve been camping since I was a week old (one of the first questions my parents asked the doctor was how young was okay) and even though I don’t camp as avidly and often as I did in my youth (my youth being like 14 and younger, I’m not ancient at 21), I still love hiking and getting outside.

Montana is a gorgeous place, even when there is a foot of snow on the ground with 5 degrees F outside, but this is how I like to remember it. Enjoy.



07020010 06570006 566826-R1-18-7A

My legs are one of the most important parts of me. As a runner, a swimmer, a walker, hiker and lover of quick pace, my legs allow me to get around and I love them in all their paleness and length- I have a shorter torso and long legs, something I’ve hated-loved for a long time.

My legs also hold the majority of my scars. My left knee still has a quarter-sized scar from when I took off all the skin on my knee down to the bone. On my right leg a perfect half-circle exists from when I leaned onto the hot tailpipe of an Audi wagon in Switzerland getting some luggage out and got a pretty intense burn. I have a six-inch or so long scar up my left shin from when I shaved my leg into a bloody mess, although even I still can’t believe that I managed to do that. Once I fell onto a broken chair leg in a backyard and bled a lot, and there are smaller scars from just being rather clumsy.

Loving oneself as a whole is often difficult, so I tackle that problem by loving parts of myself that eventually add up to a whole.


2010: Two years ago.

Two years ago, in 2010, was the first time I really started getting into film photography. While I experimented mostly with old 80’s and 90’s hand-held cameras from the thrift store, it started getting me into my obsession quite rapidly! I like looking back on my old images, and so here’s a sort of retrospective of my foray into film. And yes, I did have a red shock of short, curly hair two years ago. Some days I miss it terribly!


An afternoon of raspberries and violet.


Tuesday Chelsea, Julia and I got together and took some photographs. My two best cameras are currently out of commission, so I had to make do with an old Minolta Talk-O-Matic from around 1983. I am pretty pleased with the end result, though.

Chelsea and Julia wore lovely shades of purple and pearl collars. I brought bubbles and we sat in Julia’s front yard, picking raspberries. The sunlight was a little harsh, and normally I would have waited until it was later to get the right lighting, but we had to get to Trivia Tuesdays at our local Irish pub!

Lately I’m trying to find some sort of inspiration, and these two friends help me find it. I think we’re planning an extravagant picnic in a local graveyard- it’s one of the more beautifully landscaped places in town.

Until later, tschüß!


My first trip to Zürich, in 2009.

The very first time I went to Zurich was September, 2009. I had just gotten semi-used to the humid hell that was Lugano, when our professor told us we’d be spending a Wednesday in Zurich for our Freshman Seminar class. Luckily, my friends Katerina and Laura came with me.

Zurich to my immature eyes was perfection. I haven’t changed that opinion much, now, but I can tell you that everything was amazing. The streets, the Altstadt, the trams, the train itself which was so quiet and smooth! Katerina and I went and saw an American movie, ate a great lunch near the Ferris wheel, and we spent the evening eating a traditional Zurich dinner in a dining hall that was over 500 years old.

Touristy? Yes. Magnificent? Definitely. I didn’t even know what the Grössmunster was, or how wonderful a Luxemburgerli tastes! And yet, I feel in foolish, uneducated love with this gorgeous Swiss city.

Note: All these photographs were taken by a teenager obsessed with contrast and saturation, and armed with a terrible Nikon Coolpix digital camera. I do not claim that these are quality photographs, only a medium to see through!