Grumble grumble

I wish this weekend hadn’t ended.

It was a weekend of pie, BLT’s, enormous breakfasts I couldn’t finish, bagels, dark red wines, bourbon and vodka. There was a corn maze that wasn’t legitimate at all and lots of running and hiding, a GPS coordinate gone awry, nighttime driving and not knowing enough Outkast to sing along. Harold and Maude, a violet room, sunshine spilling into window sills, crunching leaves under new “fashion boots”, borrowing gloves and feeling the crisp autumn air, walking up hills, Thai food, an over eager man who insisted on photographing us, late night corn dog negotiations, BLT’s and wine late into the night, taking walks with my Mum, brainstorming ways to make the weekend last longer, and hating to leave the people I spent it with.

Back to reality, where Art History exams loom and article deadlines call my name. Luckily my beautiful sister and I have plans to get Cajun food this week, Moonrise Kingdom is coming to our small student theatre on Thursday and going thru the weekend, and I get to see the feminist film I’ve been waiting to see on the big screen for months!

Until I get a roll of film from this weekend developed, hasta luego!

Food and thoughts. Or, if we want to go cliche, food for thought. You choose.



What does it say that I’m super sensitive to spicy food but always find myself being with the people who love the hottest food possible? (I’m trying to eat more spice to get myself used to it!)

Seriously, though.

This weekend was mediocre pie with somebody not mediocre in any way, La Tinga and sharing our space with a bitter Michigander whose presence I found quite humorous, and Sunday morning donuts worth drooling over for a pittance.

Just so you know, writing a check for $4.50 for six donuts doesn’t make people, specifically older already feisty men, very happy. In case you were wondering.

Thoughts on life- a list.

1. Napping is something that should be done often and with relish.

2. Walking alone in the dark is a joyous thing to do.

3. Looking at an old train pass reminds me of the nights spent whooshing past small mountain towns, glimmering in the dark as we sped by.

4. Writing is difficult, and mostly done at odd hours of the night.

5. Lying awake at night leads to ridiculous thought paths that were meant to remain shadowed.

6. Skype sessions with fantastic friends are the cure for the blues.

7. One down duvet is great. Two is better.

8. Having to explain what a meme is to somebody is really difficult.

9. A bad pear is an awful thing to experience- texture! Texture!

10. I miss certain persons in my life.

11. I have a fondness for overly expensive pretty underthings that would surely bankrupt me if there were such shops around.

12. Walking to class on a brisk morning is a better way to wake up than coffee.

13. I miss photographing my life.

14. Sometimes the feeling of anonymity is the best feeling ever.

15. Reading a book outside a pub waiting to meet up with friends starts off the evening well.

Massive photo post of what’s been going on.

Alright, so my life has been semi-hectic. I apologize for a lack of real posts. Using Frans Hals is not a legitimate excuse, I know! Forgive me!

I moved into my apartment, as you saw in a previous post. I have a window that won’t shut, and chickens that wake me up at 4 am living behind the apartment. I have to buy groceries like a real adult- and damn, it’s tough! My classes have started- I love my Italian Baroque class, even though I thought I was Baroque-d out! (You know what they say: If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!). I got in a debate over medieval art before class with a sassy grad student today. My Oceanography course seems interesting, and my course on the History of Museums is going to be AMAZING because I find museums to be the most glorious of things. If I could take up permanent residence in one…well, I can dream.

I’ve been bowling and breakfasting and not turning in my film, so some of these are a few weeks old! Remember that hike I hated? Yeah, some more pictures from that trail from hell.

This last weekend a good friend was in town and stopped by- an adventure in the Lewis and Clark Caverns ensued, and a tour of my campus was included- a brush with Walt Whitman was required, as I walked past this sculpture everyday. Discussions of music, stalagmites and stalactites were had, and Bozeman actually wasn’t an oven, which made walking and hiking bearable. Breakfast was had with other friends at a kitschy establishment that proved to be delicious. I got ready for class, and unpacked more things.

Goodbyes have been happening lately. I hate goodbyes. I’m so bad at them, I’m more of a pretend we’ll see each other and never make the formal thing happen kind of girl.  I do genuinely believe, though, in the whole “small world” concept. Living abroad for two years has taught me that you can and will see people again, no matter what, if everything lines up. The world is incredibly interconnected, and people find each other and luck has a way of making it possible to make your goodbye not so much of a permanent thing. I have not seen my best friends in Switzerland in almost two years (a lifetime for somebody 21) and although it hurts, I have no doubt that I’ll see them soon. So, when I say goodbye to people in my life, I never really put faith in that goodbye, because I don’t believe it will really be so final.

Other than making grand ideas of mine known to the Internet, I’ve been biking sans helmet (a certain somebody is judging me), going to the gym every morning before class, and the library has already been offering solitude from the oppressive, smoky heat. I’m on the student newspaper this year, and everybody on staff seems to be rather glorious. Fall has yet to arrive- right now it’s just hot hot heat and a lot of sunscreen.

I hope your summers are winding down beautifully!

In the last week or so

These pictures are evidence that A) I have friends and B) I do things, even though many a time I feel as though I don’t do a lot.

Last weekend Kristin and I drove up to Lincoln to find huckleberries, and came back with NOTHING- minus some huckleberry milkshakes from a local diner. Wednesday was lunch with Claire and Chelsea- Claire just got back from two months in Guatemala and had stories to tell for what could have been hours (my lunch break was vastly shorter than the time needed).  Thursday evening consisted of hiking and eating ice cream on a porch. Mild chaos ensued at the beginning when a baby garter snake darted in front of me- I have a strange infatuation with all reptiles and amphibians. After attempting to locate it, we continued on a lovely loop that consisted of skinny trees, evening shadows, and the usual talk that ensues among people you’ve known for a long time.  Friday was Moonrise Kingdom for the 4th time with somebody I was hanging out with for the 1st time. The rest of Friday included pushing a bike up a hill, drinking lots of wine, taking some blurry photographs of our Gothic cathedral, and general revelry that was quite marvelous.

My Minolta has a dirty lens that I haven’t cleaned but it’s giving me a nice blur that I’m enjoying.

Violettes part deux

Chelsea and Julia served as muses for a photography project focusing on whimsy, poor equipment, and no real set-ups or poses- they just assemble themselves and I photograph. The lighting at times was difficult, but I really enjoy photographing them. Plus, a picture of the three of us came out beautifully! All of us wearing purple, our pale skin and violet looking excellent- I am quite pleased!

This is ultimately my favorite photograph of the two rolls I photographed:


2010: Two years ago.

Two years ago, in 2010, was the first time I really started getting into film photography. While I experimented mostly with old 80’s and 90’s hand-held cameras from the thrift store, it started getting me into my obsession quite rapidly! I like looking back on my old images, and so here’s a sort of retrospective of my foray into film. And yes, I did have a red shock of short, curly hair two years ago. Some days I miss it terribly!


A Fair Day, You Might Say!

Chelsea and I parked 400 meters from the fair, walked down to the crowded parking lot, and into the most chaotic and entertaining venue here in Montana: the county fair.

Now, if you live somewhere rural, you know the fair: it’s a rodeo combined with a bunch of outdated, unsafe, and really awesome amusement rides. Lots of cranky adults, smoking carnival employees, and dirty children wait in line for food, rides, and games that cheat you out of money swirl around you while you wonder whether to buy 10 or 20 tickets. Roaming groups of teenagers stalk the area, with hungry looks in their eyes, while the best characters in town seemingly come out of the cracks- it’s a literal human zoo.

After Chelsea and I pooled our limited (read: pathetic) amount of cash, we had enough for 10 tickets each. After quickly doing some elementary arithmetic, we devised our plan: Go on the Yo-yo, a dilapidated swing ride, for 3 tickets, then the Typhoon, the terrifying and somewhat shaky ride for 4, and end with the classic Ferris Wheel. BOOM MATH!

In between, we ate the always healthy funnel cakes and caramel apples, went into the farm buildings and petted lambs, laughed at very fluffy chickens, ooed and aahed at the lop eared rabbits and stared at the alien looking earless goats that I definitely want to put as props in a sci-fi film if I ever decide to make a film.

The last ride, the Ferris Wheel, had the longest wait. Just as we were about to get on, a little boy who didn’t have anybody to ride with joined us- a precocious 7 year old named Ashton who had a remarkable vocabulary and told us that if the Ferris Wheel broke down he was a good climber and would save us. His cranky grandmother smoked a cigarette and held a blow-up hammer that he’d won while he waved at her with Chelsea and I.

After the Ferris Wheel we went home, with our stomachs full of junk and our eyes full of neon, the wind blowing in our hair and the cops at the exit, telling us where to cross the street.

I used my crappy Minolta Talk-O-Matic the entire time- it can take a beating. The pictures turned out better than I thought they would! Enjoy!

An afternoon of raspberries and violet.


Tuesday Chelsea, Julia and I got together and took some photographs. My two best cameras are currently out of commission, so I had to make do with an old Minolta Talk-O-Matic from around 1983. I am pretty pleased with the end result, though.

Chelsea and Julia wore lovely shades of purple and pearl collars. I brought bubbles and we sat in Julia’s front yard, picking raspberries. The sunlight was a little harsh, and normally I would have waited until it was later to get the right lighting, but we had to get to Trivia Tuesdays at our local Irish pub!

Lately I’m trying to find some sort of inspiration, and these two friends help me find it. I think we’re planning an extravagant picnic in a local graveyard- it’s one of the more beautifully landscaped places in town.

Until later, tschüß!


I have no excuse: A marathon blog post mixed with an apology, but sort of not really.

Alright, so I have no real excuse for not blogging, other than I haven’t felt like blogging.

I think anybody who has blogged for any amount of time has felt this weird plateau of uncaring. It’s not like I don’t want to blog- I DO! I try, I make these posts, and then they just sort of wilt…and then I abandon them for another, skeletal blog post that I’m creating which then also fades into nothing.

Okay, end of that. Basically, I’m alive, I’m still taking photographs, and I’m not in some weird cryogenic state.

Life has been a mix of swimming, running, work, photographs, drawing class, friends, oddities, enigmas, and sporadic moments of joy and delight. Life has been worth living lately, and that might explain my lack of presence online.


Recycled Fashion Show

Again, my posting has been sporadic! Yeesh, I wish I was better at sitting down and seriously committing to making blog posts these days!

This last Tuesday Julia, Chelsea, and I showed off the magical creation we designed from duct tape, foam, an old skirt, and other various recycled things. This year it was sort of Alexander McQueen-y, sort of Christopher Kane, and a whole lot of awesome. Last year we set the bar pretty high by re-making an Alexander McQueen Highland inspired thing, which turned out beautifully!

When Julia walked out, the crowd sort of got a little quiet. Our creations the last two years have always been a little on the avant-garde side, at least as far as Helena goes, and lots of people definitely didn’t know what to do with our work of art!

Afterwards we celebrated at Shellie’s with pie, coffee, and discussions of everything and anything. It was a perfect way to end the successful evening!

I have many more blog posts in my mind! I hope to seriously settle down and record my life recently, bear with me!


Summer gets busy, blah blah blah.

Life is back in a solid schedule.

I’m working at the Forest Service again, only this time as a front desk person! I get to answer phone calls, answer the public’s questions, work on time sheets, and all sorts of miscellaneous tasks. Honestly, I’m stoked to work there- my co-workers are awesome, there are some new people I already find interesting and hope to get to know, and I get to gather a whole new skill set! WOO!

The last week has been a mix of night runs, small gatherings of friends, and general meandering. My life has settled into a routine. I’m really excited because I’m already getting out a lot more than I did last summer. I hang out with Kristin a lot, and she’s really into hiking, biking, and being outside with SPF, which is perfect. Julia is graduating very soon and then jetting off to Deutschland to hang with her mysterious Tanten (aunts),  which I’m quite jealous of.

I’m trying to teach myself German, and the grammar is already destroying my mind. What I’m doing is trying to focus on learning present tense and building myself more of a conversational vocabulary rather than trying to get too deep into grammar, as I know it’s very difficult once you really commit to it.

Anyway, enjoy these images! I’ll try to post more regularly. I got a new computer as the other one finally died yesterday, too, so maybe this’ll be more efficient!

Tschüß, dear readers!

May be we will, May be we won’t.

MAY IS HERE! Te gustan los puns, verdad?

These photographs are from late April, but whatever. Deal with it. All of my photographs from May (err…today) are on some film in my camera right now.

I drove back to Helena today to drop off some massive suitcases and trunks, then had lunch mit meiner Mutter.

Last week was a combination of papers, exams, presentations, and celebrations. A party Friday night with some people quite wunderbar, and Saturday and Sunday were a blur of paper writing, socializing, and photographing said socializations. Things around Bozeman are blooming, and I couldn’t be happier.

Also, side note: The cloud formations recently have been amazing. I can’t stop looking up. Not a good thing whilst driving.

Another side note: I love driving in Montana. Fast roads, few police officers, and a light car make for lovely morning and evening drives.

More getting ready for summer photographs.

I’m itching for summer to begin. I love the spontaneity, the pace, and the way that the sunsets look. Helena gets a sleepy sort of vibe, and the mountains around it beg to be wandered, hiked, and photographed. Old caves want to be explored with a flashlight, nights ask you to drive through them with the window down, and the stars kindly suggest you chart them. Montana summers also require thrifting, the annual Recycle fashion show (which we kicked ass at), being with lovely friends and family, eating and drinking good things, going to concerts, and generally avoiding responsibility. Even if I am holding down a full time job this summer. The evenings are mine, as are the weekends.

This summer I plan to:

-Run at least 3 times/week after work

-Go to more concerts (Late bloomer, ich weiß)

-Finish my podcast on synesthesia in Bozeman

-Save money to pay for my apartment and food next year (because shelter and food are important!)

-Thrift some ugly sweaters/cardigans to help survive the cool evenings

-Go kayaking more!

-Make some good photographs

-Create good memories of fantastic times with worthwhile people

What are some of your summer plans?