Other Blergs/Things/People I Like


      Chelsea is one of my best friends and a crazy, hard working, creative prodigy/illustrator/designer who is going to change everything. Chelsea can bring beauty and cleverness into even the most potentially boring or dry of subjects, and her optimism and chin-up attitude are seriously marvelous to be around.


      Adventuress, badass, photographically skilled creature, overall fantastic. She’s been specializing in 4×5’s of Arctic and Northern places and is killing it! Large format photography is always gorgeous. Acacia spends a lot of time in the Antarctic guiding and doesn’t post very often but her work is incredible.


     A marvelous human with glorious hair and makeup sense, relevant ideas, and a razor sharp intelligence. Arabelle’s survival tag is perfect for when you need help not just thriving but surviving. Arabelle refuses to be boxed in by anything, is tenacious as hell, and brought the idea of living and remaining in the world out of pure spite into my mind.


     Maja Hattvang blogs with a quick wit, talking about art, literature, fashion, beauty, and life, all with gorgeous images and a beautiful way with words. She brings readers into a world of nicer things.


     New York based stylish chica with a penchant for layering, hilarity, and great ideas. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and gives off tidal waves of quiet originality and quirkiness. I’ve also had hair envy for years.


     Adrienne discusses her adventures living in San Francisco as she writes about and explores every corner of the city! A hyper intelligent, inquisitive creature, I am so lucky to call her a good friend.


    Mariell lives in Norway and travels all over with her adorable husband Jostein. They don colorful clothes, eat well, and pick flowers. She takes photographs that breathe a freshness into everything, and her blog is a great way to make the world not seem so horrible.


   Adele Mildred is a milliner, designer, and creator of all things intricately beautiful and Gothic. Think dark Romanticism paired with classic, chic shapes. Her Instagram is full of her work and pictures of her ridiculously adorable daughter. A clearly incredible woman that I deeply admire, who has clearly walked to her own beat and found a way to carve a path.


     Dylana Suarez (named after Bob Dylan) is a down to earth NYC blogger who I’ve followed for years now. She takes beautiful photographs, confronts reality in her blog, and discusses real life situations that a lot of bloggers shy away from (self esteem, dating, reaching real goals, etc.). She’s goofy as hell as well as super clever and although I have fallen out of love with a lot of aesthetically *perfect* blogs hers is gorgeous with a nice side of real.


     Kate Resler, who no longer seems to post, created the most gorgeous, ethereal blog chronicling her sartorial choices which are equal parts frothy lace and cashmere. Her photographs themselves are downright gorgeous as well. Perhaps she’ll post again soon? It’s a long shot but going through her old posts is always marvelous.


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