Happy birthday, me.

I wish there was a word for what I feel right now.

I want to dance, I want to cry (I already did), I want to sleep, go outside, but never leave my room.

When I think about this last year I think it might have been one of my best years.

I just don’t really feel like myself today. Mum sent me a wonderful email, she tried to stay up late enough to the minute I was born. I made a small painting, and now I’m writing a paper about street photography and all the while looking at contemporary art and photography.

Now, 20 begins. Responsibility, obligations, planning, expectations- so many chances to fail. I’m not longer a teenager.

Wish me luck. Or “bon chance”- I do believe I shall need it.

All art: Carl Friedrich, Kim Manfredi, Edvard Munch, Merel van den Berg, and lastly, uncredited work from But Does It Float?