The Seattle Aquarium

I grew up frequently traveling to the East Coast to spend time on the beach and becoming entranced with sea life. Naturally, living in Montana is not conducive to being able to see sea creatures! Once upon a time, before my fear of deep water was realized, I used to want to become a marine biologist and even make it down into some of the deep sea trenches!

On our trip to Seattle, we stopped at the Seattle Aquarium. I don’t care if I’ve been there a couple times before- it never ceases to amaze me watching tiny seahorses play or petting sea stars. Plus, we went early in the morning, and got to mostly have the aquarium to ourselves, which was every shade of fantastic!

Also, those six-gill sharks in Puget Sound are AWESOME!  I am a big sharkophile (that is not a word) and those primordial beasts are amazing! 

Anyway, I’ll let these photographs speak for themselves!


Deal breaker.

Discovered some old photographs from the Seattle Aquarium back  in early August! This place was so great- petting anemones could never be overrated. Ever. In fact, I am quite certain that if you didn’t like petting anemones we couldn’t get along or be friends/acquaintances/workmates/anything.