Nostalgia from a solo adventure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One Saturday in late March the temperature reached into the 70’s and I hopped onto a 9 am train to nearby Bellinzona. For 7 CHF, it was a deal- the morning market was happening, the sun was shining, and I was quite happy to be exploring.

Bellinzona has three UNESCO castles- I only made it to two. The first, Castle Grande, has a gorgeous field of grass in the top complete with an old tree. If I ever was able to, I would throw a grand party there, with string lights and lovely glasses on tables.

I hiked to the second castle and sat in the grass, ate a small lunch and enjoyed the sun and the ancient castle grounds. The fact that I could choose to do this for a day is still mind blowing to me. That I could hop on a 30 minute train ride and hike to two castles, sit on their lawns, and have them almost entirely to myself.

Oh Switzerland, how on these cold Montana nights you make me miss you.


Once Upon a Time

Right now, it is cold and windy. I spent the evening in a bar having conversations with amazing, intelligent people, but the wind was fierce walking home, and I found myself naturally going to a rainy, warm place that I used to know.

This was November- snow was on the outer mountains that ring Lugano, but it hadn’t touched it. Instead, we got rain and sunshine, and cloud formations like you wouldn’t believe. It was marvelous, and I miss the days when the clouds were like cotton balls.

For some reason, the clouds here spread out and form beautiful patterns, but never get the cotton-y texture that the Swiss clouds did. And yes, I did just romanticize clouds.