What I’ve been up to

004_16A 005_15A 010_10A 018_2A 019_1A 006_20 013_13 019_7 002_23A 006_19A 007_18A 012_12A 015_9A 021_3AEating. Dipping toes into minnow rich lakes. Feeling my mouth on fire. My skin turn pink. My freckles turn darker and more numerous. I dance in underground venues and play horrible rounds of pool. Sunlight and sprinklers and woodpiles. Summer has been almost sublime in that I can’t really remember one weekend to the next. I drive a lot of mountain roads, static on the radio and my own voice to keep me company. I greet sunsets and sunrises and put quarters in a juke box and chose the Stones and dance with friends in a high ceiling-ed place. I fall asleep to Star Trek in a comfortable bed and feel the breeze cool my skin. I feel content and it is something almost unnatural.