Governor’s Inaugural Ball 2013

govball1.jpg govball2.jpg govball3.jpg 022_14A 023_13A 024_12A 028_8A 029_7A030_6APictures from the Governor’s Inaugural Ball 2013.

Vodka, 4 inch heels, wolverine fur stole, dark ballroom, lots of dapper folks, a wondrous amount of people watching, shaking hands, watching others dance, accidentally bumping politicians with a bulky camera, managing to not fall once.

Welcome to another year!

Yesterday we hopped into Chelsea’s monstrous truck and drove over the pass to Missoula to bring in the New Year.

After a horribly salty pizza, we readied (read: don pretty dresses) and headed out, first going to an Irish bar where whiskey was consumed. We went in and out of the bar all evening, coming back an hour before the New Year to have an old-fashioned laced with bourbon and drink free champagne and celebrate.

The New Year was brought in with cheers to strangers, cold biting Montana winter, and later dancing until the bar closed at 2, then heading slowly home, surrounded by other celebrators. We woke up and went to the Catalyst, a wonderful and sleek breakfasting place- I had a delicious bread pudding with bacon and eggs. Afterwards I indulged in the most gorgeous green sweater, on ultra-mega-ultra clearance, and then Chelsea and I headed home.

The new year has been uneventful thus far, but I am itching for adventures. I want to hop on a plane and go anywhere it will take me.

By the way, this roll went through my camera twice accidentally, thusly there are landscapes, paintings, and other things going on behind the images besides celebrating.