Food and thoughts. Or, if we want to go cliche, food for thought. You choose.



What does it say that I’m super sensitive to spicy food but always find myself being with the people who love the hottest food possible? (I’m trying to eat more spice to get myself used to it!)

Seriously, though.

This weekend was mediocre pie with somebody not mediocre in any way, La Tinga and sharing our space with a bitter Michigander whose presence I found quite humorous, and Sunday morning donuts worth drooling over for a pittance.

Just so you know, writing a check for $4.50 for six donuts doesn’t make people, specifically older already feisty men, very happy. In case you were wondering.



Some pictures from a fireworks show that accompanied a beautiful symphony in late July. I apologize that my blogging has been so sporadic: at times, it hardly feels worth blogging my life.

My life has become a schedule, something I loathe. School starts again soon, though, and I’ll be moving into my cramped tiny apartment bedroom. I’m nervous about living with people I don’t know very well, but am hoping it’s an adventure!

More getting ready for summer photographs.

I’m itching for summer to begin. I love the spontaneity, the pace, and the way that the sunsets look. Helena gets a sleepy sort of vibe, and the mountains around it beg to be wandered, hiked, and photographed. Old caves want to be explored with a flashlight, nights ask you to drive through them with the window down, and the stars kindly suggest you chart them. Montana summers also require thrifting, the annual Recycle fashion show (which we kicked ass at), being with lovely friends and family, eating and drinking good things, going to concerts, and generally avoiding responsibility. Even if I am holding down a full time job this summer. The evenings are mine, as are the weekends.

This summer I plan to:

-Run at least 3 times/week after work

-Go to more concerts (Late bloomer, ich weiß)

-Finish my podcast on synesthesia in Bozeman

-Save money to pay for my apartment and food next year (because shelter and food are important!)

-Thrift some ugly sweaters/cardigans to help survive the cool evenings

-Go kayaking more!

-Make some good photographs

-Create good memories of fantastic times with worthwhile people

What are some of your summer plans?



I’m leaving for a metropolis in about 3 days with Kristin and my Mum. Here are some photographs from my last trip there, when it was summer, sunny, and blazing hot. We visited the aquarium, the SAM, went to the massive library, napped on ferries, ate sushi and gelato, wished we were 21, did some shopping, and wandered around a lot.

Naturally, this is not “real” Seattle. This is youth-on-a-road-trip Seattle, hitting up the main places, the tourist traps, and air-conditioned locations.  Emphasis on the air-conditioned.

Seriously excited to eat some good food, take some ferries, and explore this city more!

Street Fashion in Helsinki.


Maria:  “I found my warm winter coat in Kaivarin Kanuuna, the trousers cost 20 cents at the recycling centre, the knit is Benetton and the shoes from DinSko. I like down-to-earth colours and classic beauty icons like Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn. Now I’m looking for a perfect pencil skirt.”

Jenny:  “I’m wearing a pullover from Reykjavik, my godmother’s old boots and Seppälä trousers which cost 2,5 euros. I don’t think about clothes that much. I often wear trousers and layers and I like tights.”

Hanni: “Marimekko‘s Mari-essu dress makes me happy. The bag is from the 70s and my mother’s old, the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens. I like playful and colourful clothes. Vintage Vuokko and Marimekko dresses from the 60s and the 70s are my treasures.”

Annica:  “My style is inspired by the 90s and the early nineties. Movies like Cry Baby, Clueless and 13 inspire me, too.”

Ruth:  “My style is schizophrenic. This outfit is really conservative for me. I love colours and colour co-ordination. I buy second hand only. Leigh Bowery is my style icon.”

Meeri:  “I just came from Barcelona where I accidentally found a store called Me and My Bitch. I bought 10 things, including this shirt and pants. The handbag is my grandmother’s old. I like vintage, especially the 50s. I appreciate ethic production, naturalness and handicraft in clothes.”

My best friend Hannah showed me this fantastic website, saying that one of the girls (Ruth) is my fashion doppelganger- and I agree. I love all these looks, and how they layer and use color in such a strong sense. I love how the proportions are played with, even if it’s not super “flattering”, but rather how the outfit lets the personality come through so strongly.

Here are a few of my favorite Helsinki street looks as of late. Slash it makes me want to go buy baggy trousers! GAH!

Final color photographs of the year, part II.

Meghan and I went to a park down the street so that she could photograph me as a weird old lady in a fur stole, a large green felt hat, and a hideous sweater. They turned out pretty cool, and the day we took them was beautiful- sort of like autumn bidding us a really warm farewell.

In other words, I have a roll of black and white that needs to be developed, and I have a massive project coming up I think will definitely get shared here!