Topsy turvy curves of life and changes

Fall is officially here. It even snowed a bit- Montana can be so dramatic sometimes. One weekend it’s shorts and sunscreen and the next you’ve got on wool socks and the space heater nearby.

I finally got my film developed, 3 glorious rolls. Some from mid-August forward, almost a month and a half of adventures!

Included is an evening where grouse hunting failed and a sunset was witnessed from a ridge and we ran through a lightning storm and afterwards ate pizza. Another is a pie I ate alone in a small Montana town after I got lost (which seems like it couldn’t happen but did to me). The pie itself was heavenly, the space was quaint and lace-trimmed, and I read a National Geographic from the 1980’s while I consumed the delicious peach-honey pie. A morning hike solo on the first morning of fall is included as well- it was a beautiful morning that I won’t forget for a long time. I took Chris to the Cateye because I have had lovely experiences there but this time it was so sad. My pie was a dry and rather pathetic thing and although Chris got a huge plate of food it wasn’t really that wondrous. Another night bowling happened and I wore a skirt and knee high socks and did a horrible job and laughed a lot.

Not pictured are dinners made with Kristin and Emily, study sessions in coffee houses, the dullness of work, the lovely cloud movements that hang around the mountains, and the other infinite number of moments where I wish I’d lugged around my camera.




University starts tomorrow, CHE?!

I’m trying to be cool like this cavalier about school.

I’ll be a senior in college, I’m taking wicked courses, my apartment and the lovely people in it seem pretty swell, and although I have yet to get my shit together enough to pump up my bike tires, I think everything is going pretty swell.

Plus, I’m taking a class ALL ABOUT medieval art. We’re talking warped perspective, amazing use of color, really crazy creativity mixed with amazing uses of repetition. I love medieval art because it seems to be so bland but then BOOM you find a manuscript with illustrations of a tree with penises in it in gold leaf.  Yes, you read correctly. The medieval period is honestly of the most unique and awesome times in all of history. I love it.

I hope all you cool cats are going to have a lovely fall! I hear thunder, and I hope the coming storm is marvelous. Challenges are going to abound in many ways but I think that if I can get myself organized and prioritized I can handle whatever comes.

Image source: Wikimedia

Final color photographs of the year, part II.

Meghan and I went to a park down the street so that she could photograph me as a weird old lady in a fur stole, a large green felt hat, and a hideous sweater. They turned out pretty cool, and the day we took them was beautiful- sort of like autumn bidding us a really warm farewell.

In other words, I have a roll of black and white that needs to be developed, and I have a massive project coming up I think will definitely get shared here!

Deßerts and Streß

Autumn comes and stays, but winter is currently a partner in the weather- the temperature hasn’t been above 20 degrees all week, and I’ve broken out extra man sweaters and even a vintage fur stole I found at an estate sale. Warmth has been my top priority, but even then there has been time to wander outside and capture this shifting place.

Ektar 100 film! The glory, the grain!

The title says it all. I ordered four rolls of 36 exposure Kodak Ektar 100 film- they claim it has the “World’s Finest Grain”. I doubted these claims, put a roll in my Nikon N65 (an amateur film DSLR that sometimes has focus issues) and I was in love when these were developed. The colors are balanced and bright, the grain is fantastic, and overall I am 100% pleased with the results.


At first, I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.

Fall continues to creep forward, sending cooler temperatures and misty rain our way. I’ve been coping with wool sweaters and warm duvets, along with hot applesauce. Everything is going well- I’ve been acing most of my exams, including a suprise 95% on a History of the Gilded Age essay I thought I had structured incorrectly and wouldn’t translate very well! It feels good to be able to tackle school work and still get to bed by 10:30 at night. (My roommate and I try and get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, and I’m a fan.)

Also, I have begun watching Breaking Bad. It does not bode well for my school work! I find myself watching an episode or two a night, at least!

That Pale Norwegian Girl

Kristin and I went and took some photographs in an aspen grove near a stream here in town. The leaves were changing and the light was nice and soft thanks to the clouds. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, wandering in the trees! Again, I used even further expired film, so the grain is definitely there…the faded colors, too. (The film was from 1999, 400 speed).

Happy fall!

Fall in Montana: Le Fotographie

Photographs of more excursions!

My professor drove a group of our classmates around in a restored 1930-something Ford touring bus for Yellowstone National Park. We stood on the seats and did a loop around campus. The sunrises have been beautiful lately, and the cloud formations gorgeous! Not much else besides school work is happening, but I’m trying to keep a visual diary of what’s been going on.


P.S. I used expired film from 2001 for these photographs, that’s why they’re a tad grainy.

The Frost has come and killed most of it, my dear.

Fall is officially here: chilly mornings, gusty winds, beautiful sunshine that glints through slowly changing leaves. Our studies are in full swing. I’ve been writing proposal papers, studying for exams, and learning more Spanish than my brain can handle. I’ve been making friends and meeting new people, and with colorful tights and sweaters, fall couldn’t be more beautiful.

I’m starting an internship at a local art museum/cultural center here in Bozeman- I’ll be assisting with ceramics classes and along the way learn how to give tours and how to be a good, proper docent. I believe I even get a manual- all the more to justify this 2-credit internship!

All of this has almost gone to the wayside in my mind- I’ve been devouring the news lately, and I’m fascinated and in admiration of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’ve also been concerned with Europe and the Euro, Greece and it’s issues, America and it’s upcoming Presidential election and the always wonderful campaign…just, so much is going on outside the collegiate bubble, how does one pop the bubble while still keeping track of homework? I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve whiled away watching campaign videos (ahem, Rick Perry, anybody? Bullshit hilarity?) and catching up on opinion pieces and watching Rachel Maddow (a Rhodes Scholar with razor sharp wit and Moments of Geek to boot? She’s basically a goddess.)

With all of these chaotic thoughts I leave you with more memorable things: chaotic images. I double exposed them on purpose and I couldn’t be happier.