All Hallows Eve

I love October. The darker mornings and quieter evenings, the way that dawn comes later and the foliage looks so vibrant when it’s cloudy.

I shot these earlier this week while I graded papers and drank hot soup from a thermos, bundled in my enormous Icelandic wool scarf. I found mushrooms of all kinds- some looking like lace, others slimy and grotesque, some while and delicate. Leaves as small as a dime and as large as a serving dish of all colors, shapes, sizes. Montana is breathtaking but I cannot state enough how wonderful it is to have a full autumn to revel, ruminate, and appreciate. Weeks and weeks of crunching leaves, smelling the crisp mornings.

Halloween with Hieronymous

What sort of night full of spooks, thrills, screams, (or for some of us, exams and sleep) would be complete without some supremely creepy details from The Garden of Earthly Delights? Hieronymous Bosch’s triptych has its right and final panel descending into the depths of Hell, a rather dark and sulfuric place that is full of torture, inevitable death, and the surreal.

Also, just on a side note, I’m drinking one of those giant obnoxious cans of tea or lemonade or whatever. I only bought it because I am in a cafe with wicked fast internet and unfortunately this is the only thing that remotely tempted me. And now i have this ridiculously large tin of tea/lemonade/whatever and I feel rather silly. Who needs 24 oz. of this stuff all at once?!


Mulled wine & autumn time.

My friend Kristin and I went and bought pumpkins- albeit the sad, janky ones in the bottom of the pumpkin boxes. We brewed some mulled wine, carved pumpkins, listened to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and ate popcorn and roasted pumpkin seeds. In short, one of the most autumn-y feeling evenings I’ve ever had!

Also, the mulled wine was delicious, and here’s the recipe for a full bottle of wine. We used a cabernet sauvignon, and it worked really well!

1 bottle wine

2 cups apple cider

2 teaspoons or 2 full sticks of cinnamon

Large pinch of nutmeg

An apple, cut into cubes/slices- we let it simmer with the mixture

Large spoonful of honey

All of these ingredients are optional, of course! You can add more honey, or substitute sugar, or add more nutmeg or apple slices as you please! Happy fall!