Iceland + Netherlands + Belgium 2015

Come May, we’ll be packing our bags and getting on a big jet plane to several amazing places!

I’m excited/nervous/already ready to go.

I haven’t ever lived out of my backpack for a whole 3+ weeks, and Em has never been out of North America. This will be epic and exciting and I’m sure at some points stressful and tiring. We’re returning to the Dutch homeland at last!

We’re on a pretty strict budget and one thing I am sort of worried about is getting around in Iceland. I know it’s a very expensive place, so I’m really unsure how to go about getting out of Reykjavik and getting to the other parts of the country! I’m sure we’ll manage one way or another.

I’m really ready to eat new foods, meet new people, and experience the oddness that comes with sleeping in rooms with strangers, staying out late dancing, showering in shared bathrooms, and digging around ones pack looking for that one thing that no doubt is now at the bottom of the pack avoiding your searching fingertips.

If anybody has any recommendations/things to do/see/eat in Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Bruges, or Brussels leave me a comment! We’re stoked and we’ll have a great time no matter what happens but I love hearing from other world travelers.

It’s absolutely nuts┬áto me that it will have been 4 years since I left ‘Murica for foreign soil. I will never ever let it be that long ever again as long as I live. For me, traveling is a way to stay sane. After you travel there is a switch turned on somewhere in your soul that cannot ever be turned off, and if you don’t travel you have to distract yourself like a fiend because otherwise something in you goes a little crazy. In the mean time I’ve gone to California, Texas, New York, Cape Cod, Washington, and lots of other beautiful places, but something about long plane rides and getting a stamp in my passport hums the right tune.

Things I like: Origami!

Yesterday I showed many families here in Bozeman how to make easy and fun Christmas decorations with their kids, and one of the most fun things to teach was how to make simple origami things into Christmas decorations. I used to spend hours fidgeting in my home room class during middle school, and then I started investing in the little squares of paper. Of course, many a teacher confiscated my creations thinking they were secret “notes” to classmates, but I kept making swans, boxes, giraffes, frogs that actually jump (yes!), butterflies, etc.

If you’re a broke college student or your Christmas tree looks sad or you don’t have any decorations, simply make a couple of these boxes or swans, then die them up and string them around your space- instant gratification at almost no cost! I wrapped the boxes like Christmas presents and strung them up.

Quello che voglio per Natale. (Christmas wish list)

It’s that time of year- we can officially listen to that Frank Sinatra Christmas music without being judged, we can go get a tree (fake or real), and we start to think of the holidays. This is when I start to selfishly formulate a list of things I would enjoy getting.

-Olympus Zuiko f/1.4 lens

Hark! A Vagrant comic book by Kate Beaton

-A Venus Fly Trap (although apparently they’re hard to take care of)

-New leather journal

-Kodak Porta 400 film

-Moon and star glow-in-the-dark earrings via Etsy

-Stila lipstain and cheek color via Sephora

-iPad 2 (this is my dream thing)