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Every day is like Sunday.

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Listening to Apres Moi by Regina Spektor and getting all the winter ominous feelings out in the open.

Lusting after the gorgeous veil creation by Gabrielle Djanogly, which makes me feel like a Renaissance Madonna painting and a goddess of the moon had a hybrid daughter.

Studying blood transfusion methods, which in the early 1900’s were grim, painful, and fascinating. The last 100 years of medical innovation have been beyond incredible.

Trying, for some reason, to recall the levels of Dante’s version of Hell and found a handy visual guide.

Thinking about goosebumps and sinking my boots into soft forest floors. When it’s cold I think much more about my body in a protective sense.

Admiring the creations and thoughts that make themselves apparent in the Instagram of Adele Mildred, a milliner, illustrator, mother, and general demi-goddess who creates magnificent things and does it while usually sporting perfect red lipstick.

Going to try to make this Hokkaido Milk Bread when I get back to Montana.

This morning my walk to the cafe was slick and tricky, but gorgeous- the frost has occupied every surface it can. I saw cars slide along the road and my icy breath swirl around me and am now clutching a cup of black coffee the barista filled to the brim.

I want to make lots of food when I get home. Take long baths and see snow and put on my enormous, -40F ready boots, go into the backyard and find animal tracks that weave around the grasses and bushes. I want to hug friends outside while we’re bundled up in our big coats and clap my hands together wearing enormous mittens.

I hope your Sunday is full of good whimsy and good moments.

I like myself, and that is not a bad thing.

Snapshot_20130208 Snapshot_20130402 Snapshot_20121119_2 Snapshot_20120930_21

People on the internet get all kinds of shit about being “narcissistic” – especially women- when we take pictures of ourselves, like our faces, and share them with the world.

Just because I like my face and myself doesn’t mean that I can be automatically called a narcissist. Even if one chooses to label me as such, I still have every right to post pictures of myself. They’re on my blog of me. Some of my favorite bloggers have gotten some serious flack for liking their own image and putting it out there- well, screw that. I have a serious problem with people thinking they have ownership or a right to make comments about somebody else when they have no idea who they are, or to form judgements without knowing somebody (as I’ve written about on this blog before). If I have self love and I want to share it, I can do so and I should have the right to do so without getting flak.

So, here’s me. And I don’t care if you don’t like it, or think that I’m ridiculous, or that I am wallowing in a stinking pool of narcissism, because if you’re honestly forming judgement of me this way, I probably don’t have enough respect to care.

Goddamn, loving oneself feels pretty good. I hope everybody does it at some point.

Paul Rule photography archive continued

I am slightly infatuated with Kodachrome tones, saturated skies, cateye glasses, and the feeling of mid-century Americana that absolutely saturates and charms in Paul Rule’s photographic archive (Flickr set HERE, all photographs sourced to there).

I don’t know any of these people, and a large majority of the photographs haven’t been labeled very specifically. It’s this sort of anonymity that makes it possible to love these vintage slides even more. You can easily imagine pulling out the dusty Kodak Carousel projector and sitting there, hearing the satisfying click, seeing another image from the past come to life in front of you.

While I merely click ahead on my laptop, and while these people are strangers, I still feel wonderfully transported on their adventures grand and minute. I hope you feel even a whisp of the whimsy I do!

“Diner People”

“Paris Street Vintage Slide”

“Russian Metro Vintage Slide” (P.S. How did these people make it into Moscow in the late 50’s?)

“Grand Imperial Hotel”

“Frying Pan Wallpaper”

“Does This Hat Make My Head Look Big”

“Blue Skirt, Black Dog, Red Bug”

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

There’s something so terrifying and gorgeous about Klimt’s work.

All of it has these seeping tones of sensuality, but The Kiss is still an ultimate favorite. People all over the world know this painting, and it is one of the most popular images from art history anywhere.

What I love about it is the uncertainty of what’s going on. Is he kissing her, about to push her off the precipice her feet so delicately grip? Is he saving her, comforting her, or forcing her into this embrace? What happens to the characters Klimt paints is really up to the viewer. Right now, as it goes in my life, the precipice is the future. It’s the next step, and these gorgeously painted creatures know no more about it than I do.


What my summer will include

Summer is here in about 4 weeks, and my summer will include lots of:


Shade bathing (because sun bathing is not my thing)

Eating good food with excellent people

Hanging out with excellent people

Going to work and walking by the taxidermied beaver every day.

Going to baseball games once or twice to cheer on our home team

Seeing flowers every where

Being outside, hopefully kayaking and hiking a bit more this summer

Eating in my favorite shaded grove 10 minutes from work

Getting out of Montanan AT LEAST ONCE (because this place occasionally makes me feel like I have no soul)

Reading more

What are you doing this summer? Are you going on any trips or doing anything fun? What are your favorite things to do in the warmer months?

The ridiculousness of it all.

The internet is a glorious place.

Also, this is a majorly unsourced post. I saved most of these ages ago on my computer, mostly via Tumblr. I hate posting things without a legitimate source, sorry guys.

Anyway, as follows:

1. My future pet.

2. A map of Europe from a 1959 National Geographic, scanned by me.

3. An illustration by Quentin Blake for Roald Dahl’s The Twits

4. What my mother would refer to as a “man of promise”. Clearly.

5. I hate cats, normally, but seriously best thing ever.

La Sorella

My sister always turns out to be a source of inspiration. She’s fiesty, wicked smart, incredibly beautiful, and she always gives of this feeling of adventure. My sister has, and will always be, one of my best friends that I will ever have. As a result, I’ve photographed her quite a bit over the last few years. Here are some of my favorite shots of her, attitude and aesthetics and all.

Even more that that, my sister is my sort of muse. She seems impervious to cynicism, and she has such a vibrant view of the world, and sees so many possibilities in life. She’s not only insanely gorgeous, but she is also one of the most charismatic beings that exists.

Street Fashion in Helsinki.


Maria:  “I found my warm winter coat in Kaivarin Kanuuna, the trousers cost 20 cents at the recycling centre, the knit is Benetton and the shoes from DinSko. I like down-to-earth colours and classic beauty icons like Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn. Now I’m looking for a perfect pencil skirt.”

Jenny:  “I’m wearing a pullover from Reykjavik, my godmother’s old boots and Seppälä trousers which cost 2,5 euros. I don’t think about clothes that much. I often wear trousers and layers and I like tights.”

Hanni: “Marimekko‘s Mari-essu dress makes me happy. The bag is from the 70s and my mother’s old, the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens. I like playful and colourful clothes. Vintage Vuokko and Marimekko dresses from the 60s and the 70s are my treasures.”

Annica:  “My style is inspired by the 90s and the early nineties. Movies like Cry Baby, Clueless and 13 inspire me, too.”

Ruth:  “My style is schizophrenic. This outfit is really conservative for me. I love colours and colour co-ordination. I buy second hand only. Leigh Bowery is my style icon.”

Meeri:  “I just came from Barcelona where I accidentally found a store called Me and My Bitch. I bought 10 things, including this shirt and pants. The handbag is my grandmother’s old. I like vintage, especially the 50s. I appreciate ethic production, naturalness and handicraft in clothes.”

My best friend Hannah showed me this fantastic website, saying that one of the girls (Ruth) is my fashion doppelganger- and I agree. I love all these looks, and how they layer and use color in such a strong sense. I love how the proportions are played with, even if it’s not super “flattering”, but rather how the outfit lets the personality come through so strongly.

Here are a few of my favorite Helsinki street looks as of late. Slash it makes me want to go buy baggy trousers! GAH!