Thoughts on life- a list.

1. Napping is something that should be done often and with relish.

2. Walking alone in the dark is a joyous thing to do.

3. Looking at an old train pass reminds me of the nights spent whooshing past small mountain towns, glimmering in the dark as we sped by.

4. Writing is difficult, and mostly done at odd hours of the night.

5. Lying awake at night leads to ridiculous thought paths that were meant to remain shadowed.

6. Skype sessions with fantastic friends are the cure for the blues.

7. One down duvet is great. Two is better.

8. Having to explain what a meme is to somebody is really difficult.

9. A bad pear is an awful thing to experience- texture! Texture!

10. I miss certain persons in my life.

11. I have a fondness for overly expensive pretty underthings that would surely bankrupt me if there were such shops around.

12. Walking to class on a brisk morning is a better way to wake up than coffee.

13. I miss photographing my life.

14. Sometimes the feeling of anonymity is the best feeling ever.

15. Reading a book outside a pub waiting to meet up with friends starts off the evening well.


Food Cravings

As it would turn out, I have an inappropriate amount of photographs of food on my computer.

Just food. Nothing else.

What can I say? I get hungry, and I can’t cook, so I have to consume visually.

So, here are a few of my (many) food cravings. Bacon sandwiches, cake, and Luxemburgerli’s.

And of course, the classic Americana meal: Onion rings, a milkshake, and a burger. Artery clogging at it’s most delicious!

Kiwis are a weird thing. I get extremely strong cravings for kiwis all the time. I woke up last night, and instead of wanting water, I would have paid my pinkie finger for a kiwi.

Anyway, when I get home I fully plan on having an elk burger. Seriously. And Chex. The Swiss, to be honest, don’t know that much about cereal. Oh, muesli, sure, but cereal? Psh.  I also want quesedillas at random hours of the day and drinking entire glasses of milk that aren’t 3% fat (That’s the lowest I can find here).

Home in less than a month. Mixed feelings. Can’t wait to see my family, no doubt about that, but leaving this place is going to be so hard. I hope I don’t sit next to anybody attractive on my flights because they’ll be sitting next to the most hideous and awkward crying girl ever. So, if you’re reading this and happen to be on the flight with a average height girl of mostly average features and she’s bawling her eyes out, it might be me, folks. Keep your eyes (not) peeled.

Going to go take my mind off of this by watching Monty Python or Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

The Paradox of the Weekend

Normally when the weekend happens, I am ECSTATIC! YES! Two whole days to do WHATEVER I WANT!

I can sleep in and eat a slow breakfast or go somewhere for a bite! WOO! Alarm clock, you’re off duty!

I can even take my sweet time and read EVERY INCH of the paper! So informative and accurate and unbiased! (I especially love the Letters to the Editor- Montanans come up with some pretty persuasive arguments as to why America/Montana is turning into a pile of crap- Muslims! Atheists! Birth control! Obama!)

I think I’ll watch my favorite movie (a still from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds) because it’s the WEEKEND and I have TIME!!

Perhaps I’ll even go out with my friends!

Then I look around after sleeping in, thinking I’ll make the Long Breakfast and watch The Movie and go Out, when I realize I have no clean clothing and I should probably do laundry. Insert expletives here.

Then I remember that I have 200+ pages of reading, a paper, and a quiz on Monday. I should probably get to that. Eventually, you know.

Then I look around and realize I was also hoping to clean this weekend. My hovel is looking even more hovel-y than usual- and I really wanted to vacuum and perhaps even get rid of the lentils I got on the ceiling last semester (that’s a tale for another time).

And then I feel like this.

So, folks, you must share these feelings. You have these dual goals: you want to better yourself, your life, and get stuff done on the weekend. At the same time, you want to relax, and do your thing, be it gardening, reading the paper, or making origami. How do you strike a balance?

I am suggesting that we stop settling!

If we had a 3 day weekend, we could balance it better- our lives could be better! Our work hours would be less, making us less tired at work, making us more productive, justifying the 3-day weekend, etc…plus, we could sleep in at least one day, and be productive, while still getting our social lives fufilled and getting all those little tasks done.

Anyway, I have to go do un-weekend like things, like write papers for professors who don’t really take me seriously. Then I’ll go do more homework. Then more.

Until later, folks, go have a Paradox Weekend- we have them every weekend!

(Images: 1st from Tumblr, don’t know source. 2nd- Stephen Shore. 3rd- Tumblr. 4th- still from The Birds from Tumblr, 6th, 7th, also random, not sourced from Tumblr. 8th is 100 Houses, a photography project in Detroit. 9th from Tumblr, 10th is Hark a Vagrant.)

Orientation Leader Application DONE!

So, in addition to posting my usual doodles from Psychology of Art, I also just turned in my Orientation Leader Application (you know, if the title didn’t clue you in…)

In the awesomeamazingfantastic event that I end up staying here, I will hopefully also be selected to help incoming students adjust and become a part of Franklin, like I have. It’s been a long, awkward, and bumpy road, but I feel like I’ve finally found my niche in this community of wanderlust, dreamers, cynics, and crazies. Heidi calls Franklin ‘The Island of Misfit Toys’, and she is completely correct.

At Franklin, you’re weird. You’re strange. You like travelling, and sleeping in airports, and taking random night hikes, and being involved in strange clubs and going to Italy because it sells cheap honey. But you also gather so much more information about yourself than you would ever think possible.

It’s here at Franklin College Switzerland that I’ve discovered what I love, what I hate, what I want, and what I need. I’ve made amazing friends, I’ve traveled all around Europe, and I’ve visited so many museums my heart races when I think about it. Call me cheesy, but I thrive at this strange institution that nobody’s ever heard of. I did it on my own- I packed up everything I could and got on a jet plane and left everything familiar in the dust. My family has been there every day, helping me out and keeping me sane. Whether it’s helping me pay my overdraft fees after the Euro gave my account a beating in Madrid or shipping me my emergency credit card after losing my wallet in Paris, or even just telling me that they’re still alive after finals week and I can do it, too.

So, to make a story short, I’m still planning in the rare event that I return. I’m registered for some awesome classes, I turned in my application, I’m registering for housing, and I’m hoping that some sort of miracle will happen and I’ll either return after a semester or year away (you know, to gather more funds) or to come back in the fall.

Whatever happens, it will be awesome.


Happy birthday, me.

I wish there was a word for what I feel right now.

I want to dance, I want to cry (I already did), I want to sleep, go outside, but never leave my room.

When I think about this last year I think it might have been one of my best years.

I just don’t really feel like myself today. Mum sent me a wonderful email, she tried to stay up late enough to the minute I was born. I made a small painting, and now I’m writing a paper about street photography and all the while looking at contemporary art and photography.

Now, 20 begins. Responsibility, obligations, planning, expectations- so many chances to fail. I’m not longer a teenager.

Wish me luck. Or “bon chance”- I do believe I shall need it.

All art: Carl Friedrich, Kim Manfredi, Edvard Munch, Merel van den Berg, and lastly, uncredited work from But Does It Float?