2010: Two years ago.

Two years ago, in 2010, was the first time I really started getting into film photography. While I experimented mostly with old 80’s and 90’s hand-held cameras from the thrift store, it started getting me into my obsession quite rapidly! I like looking back on my old images, and so here’s a sort of retrospective of my foray into film. And yes, I did have a red shock of short, curly hair two years ago. Some days I miss it terribly!



This is a post devoted to my favorite thing in the entire world. It is something I have always loved and will always love. It unites and reunites people, both family and friends, and it has changed my life.

I didn’t know pizza until I went to Palermo. I hadn’t tried goat intestine until I ate it in Istanbul. I wouldn’t know the joys of eating a Nutella crepe unless I had one at a gelateria in Lugano. Food, and the pursuit of food, has made my life different. Grocery shopping becomes a communal event, and my life has always been gravitating towards good food.

I don’t eat to live: I live to eat!

Viva la appetite!

The gang

I am so excited to see my family again! There are a lot of things happening right now, and not all of them marvelous, so focusing on the best thing is the most one can do. The best thing for me is my family.

I’m especially excited to have intense debates with my dad. We are both very loud (I wasn’t born with an inside voice) and usually dinner turns into us “discussing” with Mom and Emily just groaning as our food gets cold.

I get to hug my Mom. This is such a cheesy post, but seriously, I’m so close with my family. Being abroad for the better part of 2 years hasn’t changed that.

My grandparents are coming up for Em’s graduation in June! AH! This photograph was taken sometime in the early 70’s, I’m guessing.

My grandfather and I like discussing cars. I think maybe, since he’s got 4 granddaughters, it’s nice to discuss something other than what the other three do. I think we’re going to make a trip to a car museum in Deerlodge one day!

The more I look at old photographs, the more I realize how awesome my youth was. We were constantly either travelling around the States or camping or canoeing- we weren’t a very languishing family. My parents prioritized travel and being outside, which I truly think is extremely important. Even though we didn’t stay in luxury hotels or go anywhere international, I’ve done some amazing things that no 5-star resort or international trip can give you- like realizing how to paddle a canoe, or knowing how to track animals, or start a campfire, or how much you can stand each other on 16-hour car rides. Or even how awesome it is that your parents allow you to just go and play in the mud and catch snakes and frogs.

Family! I see you May 15th!