NorCal Deux

01540007 01540008 01540021 01560008 01600007 01600009 01700004 01700011We drove to various rocky beaches, picked living delicious things, blew bubbles, went into book shops and wandered around Emily’s new environment.

The coast blanketed itself in fog, shrouding intermittently the outcrops and cliffs that make up this area. Eureka proved to be an odd town- some parts magnificent, the Historic District gorgeous- while others were more ramshackle. At night the view from the hotel was gorgeous. I liked how cool the nights were- it was relaxing, calming.

I’d very much like to go back and camp in the Redwoods and explore the coast some more- someday!


Northern California

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01680015A long, beautiful drive down the coast ended in Eureka, a town that felt a bit faded and prideful. Arcata was nearby, where we would be leaving Emily for her first semester of college at Humboldt.

We ate Thai and Chinese food, amazed at the greenery everywhere, and I fell in love with the patterns in the slightly run-down hotel we stayed in. My hair grew to huge proportions as a result of the omnipresent humidity, and we picked raspberries out of bushes by the ocean.

I miss it, even though we were there for only 3 or 4 days. Northern California was beautiful, if daunting. I loved the rolling landscape, the peeks one got at the ocean while driving on the windy roads. The somewhat collaged feel of the place, like it was all piled upon itself with no relevance to order.


I could fall and pierce an organ: II (The Food Post)

If one was ever to go to a restaurant or even cook a meal with me, it is highly likely that I will take several pictures of the food we are about to consume. Sometimes it requires a flash. Thusly, most of the people I eat meals with have either gotten over the embarrassment of eating with such a weirdo or still slightly cringe but allow me to go on photographing the food. You have been warned.

We ate quite a few good things. Grilled cheese with spicy tomato soup and a salad; pizza that was a little over cooked but still aesthetically pleasing; crab cakes, steak, shrimp and linguini; blackberries found as we hiked down to a beach in Trinidad; Vietnamese food, etc.- quite the feast! However, do not be fooled; a 40 hour road trip ¬†also resulted in us scraping the bottom of the food barrel: Taco Bell stops were made at least once (couldn’t manage to stay classy) and more often than not we were eating not real meals but snacks: free hotel cookies, a cup of coffee here, a bowl of cereal there.