Heading West soon!

00550021 In three weeks or so I’ll be on an airplane again.

Thank goodness!

Without travel I feel as though my soul shrinks. Or is warped, at least a bit.

This time I’m going somewhere I’ve never been: Los Angeles!

My thesis piece is there- a beautiful enconchado that I will do a post on soon!

I’m staying with good friends Chelsea and Comrade Kate and the last time we all were together in a city was a roadtrip through Montana, Idaho, and Washington to Seattle and Olympia. Harlan tagged along and upon getting to Seattle declared, “I hate cities!” at which point we all wondered why he had come along to a trip to a city. Nonetheless, we had a blast, eating our way through seafood and staying with Chelsea’s wonderful grandparents.

I’m excited to see these two soon in an entirely foreign environment to me!



Oops! Forgotten film developed.







I found some film from our road trip from the yacht Miracle and some other Montana excursions, like picking raspberries and driving through tunnels…it had been forgotten in the bottom of my backpack! I love going on boats- we have a 1970’s speedboat, but alas, tis not the speediest water motor vehicle due to age. Going through the Sound at sunset on a small yacht was surely the highlight of arriving in Olympia.

I added in some random photographs of light leaked tunnels and raspberries and dinosaurs for fun.