The Western Cafe, Bozeman

Yesterday morning Meghan, Alaine and I walked down Main Street, much like every weekend- walking to breakfast. Alaine suggested we go to the Western Cafe, a small, adobe fronted establishment that yielded so much goodness.

The Western Cafe is affordable, delicious, and loud. The waitresses are efficient, your coffee cup will be refilled quickly, and they have strawberry rhubarb pie- an added plus! (You can order it with ice cream at an early hour and not be judged, either.)

I ordered The Deuce- 2 slices of French toast, 2 strips of bacon, and two eggs. It was perfect. On a whim, I also ended up ordering apple pie. I was full for the rest of the day, so this is not a place to go for light portions!

They played 1950’s country music, and the requisite taxidermy and wildlife photographs lined the walls. Overall, it felt really homey, definitely a place I will go again!

Now, I am sitting in the co-op writing outlines for papers, studying for Art History exams galore, and generally gearing up for Spring Break, in which I will escape out of Montana for the first time since November. It has been far too long.

I am in love with the focus of the slight wide-angle lens I’m using here- a weird little Makinon 24mm f/2.8 that my friend’s family gave to me. Apparently they aren’t very highly thought of in the photography world, but it does a glorious job in my opinion!

The honey badger.

Meghan is a honey badger. She’s fearless, full of creative energy, and pretty much the most ambitious person I know.

She’s also my roommate.

When I first was told who my roommate was going to be, I’ll admit I was intimidated: Facebook photos revealed somebody in ridiculous Ashtanga yoga postures, backpacking in the middle of nowhere, and basically being a badass everywhere.┬áTurns out, we have the same sleeping schedule and we are both creative. She also pushes me out of my comfort zone frequently, which is a good thing, seeing as I’m somebody not very easily moved. Plus, we both love good food.

Also, she has the best expressions, and this morning on a jaunt to eat massive amounts of food, I ended up photographing her face a lot.