Miei amici

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These lovely souls I haven’t seen for almost two years, but they’re all beloved friends that are being badasses outside of my world but nonetheless still being pretty wicked wenches.

From drinking Thai beer on wood floors to riding late night trains, eating Kinder Buenos and Chinese food in Zurich, to exploring such amazing places as Palermo, Krakow, Madrid, Istanbul, and Paris, these are the people that made it possible to do so with as much adventure as possible.

Many of these dears are graduating undergrad this semester, and although I’ve got another winter semester to go, I’m really hoping that sometime in the next year or two we can reunite through some weird force in the universe. The thing about going to a tiny little English speaking school in the weird Italian speaking part of German-speaking Switzerland is that you realize how minuscule the world is. You meet people, spend time, part, then reunite, find each other again, and the lapse in time in between becomes almost instantaneously erased.

I think in general remarkable people find fellow remarkable people and keep them in their minds until they can make it possible to see one another again. Although I am so bad at missing people, and so bad at coping, the fact that I know, that I have almost no doubt, that someday I’ll see the wondrous people I love and care about sooner or later…well, it’s very comforting, to say the least.


Winter woods: New photos!

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Today I called Julia at the absolutely last minute and told her to wear something black.

Julia shows up in blue and grey, which actually turned out perfect. She ignored my request for gloom and we were off to my favorite set of trails near campus. Armed with three rolls of film, the trusty Olympus and my shift lens, we trekked. My “fashion boots” led to my falling on my derriere once or twice, but I expected each fall- I’m naturally clumsy, and the boots only further this. (Julia can tell you this- today I tried on a gorgeous pair of heels that were 4 inches tall, but could barely wobble around the store without tumbling.)

Anyway, Julia and I wandered until we found suitable locations, and the shutter snapped. I showed Julia how to fashion my vintage wolverine stole* into a hat, after which I had to immediately wear it- I didn’t dress properly. Julia is such a good model, she lets me put her hair in tree branches and give her directions and she naturally doesn’t freeze up in front of the lens.

Although we only photographed for about an hour I had a wealth of new images to delight in. I love having photographs to look at and critique and ponder over. And there’s even one of me and my hands (I love hands, I find hands to be one of the most exquisite parts of a human being).

* I do not condone wearing new fur, but I have no problem buying fur from estate sales or at thrift stores that is old and in good condition. It has already been used and the money I spend does not go towards the companies that profit from selling fur, but rather to charities or normal people.

Wandering in den Wäldern

Black and white and some photography, finally. Julia and I found ourselves in the trees, around the autumnal woods. Perfect temperatures and a variety of shadows made me feel creative again. An image of myself that I dearly enjoy even came out! We sat on the ground, walked in streams, and waxed about anything and everything.

Photographing Julia is easy- she takes direction, comes up with her own awesome ideas, and we both know that every frame will not turn out.  I don’t pretend to be professional, and she doesn’t either. We improvise with what we have and see what turns out!

I have missed taking photographs I enjoy. I have quite a few more to post soon!

Violettes part deux

Chelsea and Julia served as muses for a photography project focusing on whimsy, poor equipment, and no real set-ups or poses- they just assemble themselves and I photograph. The lighting at times was difficult, but I really enjoy photographing them. Plus, a picture of the three of us came out beautifully! All of us wearing purple, our pale skin and violet looking excellent- I am quite pleased!

This is ultimately my favorite photograph of the two rolls I photographed:


A people post

So, guys, I actually got Sam! The guy I talked about in my previous post! Here he is!

Mi padre. He’s a workaholic and a bad ass.

La hermana.

Kristin and I hiked in the rain up Davis Gulch one morning. It was lovely!

A self portrait.

Meghan attempting to retain her tan. I admire her efforts.

I document my food and surroundings more than the people in them, usually. I am very fortunate to have amazing people in my life, and in the last two rolls of film I got back the photographs are more of people who matter than food or landscapes.

I like it.

So, here’s a post of just people.