Various feelings about my thesis illustrated by Twin Peaks

Intermittent crying regarding frustration finding sources because archives are hell and horribly organized and nobody gets back to you. s1_e6_crying

Somebody suggests you might actually need help on the damn thesis but you’re feeling hostile and defensive so you ignore their advice and later collapse even though you are actually a nice person underneath it all. s1_e4_hulkingboob

Ravenous bouts of hunger that make you feel productive because at least you’re fueling your next bout of angst and guilt-filled procrastination that will end with you falling asleep reading a source at 3 am. s1_e3_omnomnom

When you think you’ve been really fucking productive but then realize how much more is left to do. s1_e2_distant_thunder

When you try to do things you enjoy like beach walks and making photographs but are consistently hounded by the reality that you’re not working on the thesis and you suck and it’s all futile and life is cold and the universe indifferent. s1_e1_sobbing

Trying to explain to your family who doesn’t really get it that this is really really hard and that all of these problems actually matter. s1_e1_ohdear

More sobbing because for some reason Andy sobbing matters a lot and feels relevant because he’s so pure and good and at one point you probably were too. s1_e1_cryingagain

At some point you’ll reach the stage where you feel cold and emotionless and more like a shell of a human. But since you have good skincare routines and a decent sartorial sense you’ll at least look decent. cooper_s1e1




With the confirmation of Kyle MacLachlan returning to Twin Peaks I can post all the screencaps I’ve taken.

These are all from Season 1, Episode 1.

Twin Peaks has had so much written about it and so I won’t try to make my words sound any thing like some of the best, but this show is fantastical in ways that I don’t quite understand.


Goodbye to The Office

sosad another_alcohol btb comfortfood_michael creed_scuba dwight_gunshow_gif dwight_penisonthelid kelly_noweakness oscar_michael_kiss ryan_listgif stanley_glee tubecity whypeopleareleavingIt’s done.

The greatest show to ever exist is over.

That is not a stretch to me, not at all. It has paved the way for comedy. It has the best improv actors and script writers of any show. It was mediocre in it’s ideals- the day to day of an office- and gave us some of the most touching and dynamic relationships on TV.

I cried like a baby tonight. Thank you, The Office, for 9 seasons of brilliance, poignant moments, hilarity, and comfort. I have watched you through thick and thin, and those DVDs hold moments and memories I will never forget.


Hannibal: New Favorite Show, with recaps

hannibal_1 hannibal_killedmydad hannibal_stubble hannibal_awkwardA wonderful blog, Fugivity, makes re-caps of Hannibal episodes with the most awkward/greatest text. I am in love with this show, for many reasons.

1. Mads Mikkelsen/Hugh Dancy are great together

2. All the other casting is superb

3. It’s beautifully shot (Same guy who did Pushing Daisies, another of my favorites)

4. The dialogue is psychological and awesome

5. It’s NBC’s first truly awesome show they’ve put out there in awhile. Way to take a risk, NBC! DO NOT CANCEL THIS GLORIOUS SHOW!

All images are from Fugivity. 


Wisdom from “The Simpsons”

(This one above feels especially relevant sometimes!)

Ridiculous, satirical, hysterical, and relevant. That is how I would describe “The Simpsons”. Not only one of TV’s longest running shows, but also one of my favorites. Of course, one has to be in a “Simpson”-y mood sometimes- Homer is not for everybody, but somehow through the last few years I have saved quite a few screen caps from episodes.

I apologize for not knowing what wonderful soul screen-capped these, so sourcing is nil. If you know, please don’t hesitate to inform me! Knowledge is power, and I feel terrible for unwittingly saving them sans-source.

The Return of The Office.

The Office was  game changer when it began way back when. Steve Carell was fatter, and he was balding. The staff of The Office changed after it took a “break” (cancelled) and everybody came back with more money thanks to Steve Carell’s hit The 40 Year Old Virgin. Everybody got more attractive as the seasons went on, but it remained the quirky, weird show with awkward, cringe-worthy humor, and a documentary style that endeared audiences. We have all seen shows that use the same awkward humor now to highlight human emotions and situations…but The Office is the original, and it is the best.

I started watching The Office when I was in 7th grade…I remember specifically being booted out of the room during the 2nd episode of the second season when Dwight asks Toby about clitorises and female sex organs; the rents weren’t having my young (and already tarnished) ears hearing this. Last year a small group of die-hard Office fans and myself began The Finer Things Club at my school- we watched The Office, ate food, and discussed the show and had Christmas events. It even got school government approval. So, we were OFFICIALLY that Weird Club for Weird Things.

Last season, Steve Carell announced he was leaving after seven seasons on the best show to hit television since Friends. Tonight Season Eight begins without Michael Scott. It’s uncertain and nail-biting. I am in mourning for Michael Gary Scott and I’m also extremely nervous for tonight.