Goodbye to The Office

sosad another_alcohol btb comfortfood_michael creed_scuba dwight_gunshow_gif dwight_penisonthelid kelly_noweakness oscar_michael_kiss ryan_listgif stanley_glee tubecity whypeopleareleavingIt’s done.

The greatest show to ever exist is over.

That is not a stretch to me, not at all. It has paved the way for comedy. It has the best improv actors and script writers of any show. It was mediocre in it’s ideals- the day to day of an office- and gave us some of the most touching and dynamic relationships on TV.

I cried like a baby tonight. Thank you, The Office, for 9 seasons of brilliance, poignant moments, hilarity, and comfort. I have watched you through thick and thin, and those DVDs hold moments and memories I will never forget.


Hannibal: New Favorite Show, with recaps

hannibal_1 hannibal_killedmydad hannibal_stubble hannibal_awkwardA wonderful blog, Fugivity, makes re-caps of Hannibal episodes with the most awkward/greatest text. I am in love with this show, for many reasons.

1. Mads Mikkelsen/Hugh Dancy are great together

2. All the other casting is superb

3. It’s beautifully shot (Same guy who did Pushing Daisies, another of my favorites)

4. The dialogue is psychological and awesome

5. It’s NBC’s first truly awesome show they’ve put out there in awhile. Way to take a risk, NBC! DO NOT CANCEL THIS GLORIOUS SHOW!

All images are from Fugivity. 


Michael Gary Scott

Michael Scott has officially left The Office. Steve Carell’s amazing, 7 season character is gone.

Through thick and through thin, through cringe-worthy moments and hilarity, Michael Scott made The Office what it is today.

Some of what he says rings true in my life, too.

I often start conversations and hope to pick them up as they go.

Season Two, Booze Cruise. What a quality episode.

And so, on April 28th, 2011, we said goodbye to one of TV’s most influential characters, played by the marvelous Steve Carell. He will be sorely missed.

When asked if he had anything to say to the fans of the show, Steve said:

I do, actually. I’ve made an enormous mistake, and I think that I probably shouldn’t be going. *Laughs* I’m really thankful, I think we’re all very thankful to have had the job – this is more than a job, really. I think everybody here feels that way. It’s been not only fun but – I was talking to my wife about it, and I’ve been pretty emotional the last couple of weeks too, and one of the things she said that I thought really hit the nail on the head was that it’s a part that has kind of defined me professionally, but on top of that she said these are your friends. So, that to me is why the show has been so important to me and the fact that people have watched it and enjoyed it over the years that I’ve been on it, and will continue to enjoy it because it remains and will continue to be a fantastic show.”

Thank you for making my life more hilarious, more awkward, and more fantastic than I can ever know.

Goodbye, Michael Scott!