My life is a shade of vanilla.

Alright, so I’ll admit: I was once a world traveler, a photographer of things interesting, a glorious globe trotter hell bent on making the most of every new place, relishing adventures and returning with stories and photographs galore.

Alas, that part of me has been lassoed and put into a cage: I live in a land-locked state, 12 hours away from any metropolis, and I can’t fly/train/drive anywhere cheaply! So, while my travel days are sort of behind me (read: not for long, if I have anything to say about it), I do sometimes hope to post interesting things, even if I am stuck in a small Montana town going to a large university.

I want to note that my life is not terribly fascinating in any way. Studying, class, and walks around town take up a lot of my time. People here are mostly middle-class, drive sports vehicles with ski racks, and love North Face, Patagonia, and good food, beer, and coffee. We do have bears that live in town, and sometimes this town surprises me, but for the most part I cannot claim to be living an interesting life in a place that is compelling in any way.

I will continue to photograph my life, even if it is quite dull. However, I myself am not a dull person. I want to make that clear. I am merely biding my time until I can whip out my passport once again and begin charting more of the world. I apologize if this blog ever gets into a rut: I really do try to prevent it from feeling stuck or dull. If you ever feel my energy lagging in a post, I want to apologize beforehand!